Soul artist Pisceze’s unique heritage helped define her music

Influenced by her Japanese and Korean heritage, soul artist Pisceze says she’s a mix of a little of everything when it comes to music. With the release of her single “Red Handed,” Pisceze is ready for whatever comes next. “Red Handed” is available on all streaming platforms.

How you can help Ju’Nea Turner, single mom assaulted by her boss over $8.47

Last week, rolling out was the first media outlet to have an exclusive interview with Ju’Nea Turner, a single Black mom violently assaulted and injured by her immigrant Korean boss over an $8.47 refund to a customer. She was unjustly fired and soon became another victim of people who feel they can assault and harass […]

Doo Wan Lee, is in deep doo-doo after pushing Black worker

On May 18, 2018, Korean immigrant and business owner Doo Wan Lee made a decision that has changed his life forever. Doo is the owner of the once prosperous Doo’s Seafood and Deli, that once had 3 locations in the metro Atlanta area. He sold two of his stores and now owns only the location in Snellville, […]

How the Korean boss who assaulted Black worker over $8.47 may be in cuffs today

On Monday, rolling out reported the assault of a woman by her Korean boss at an Atlanta metro area takeout restaurant. A video recorded by a customer named Markus Moultrie showed Mr. Lee, the owner of Doo’s Seafood and Deli located in Snellville, Georgia, violently assault Ju’Nea Turner, an employee and single mom of two. According […]

Korean business owner slaps Black worker over refund (video)

The city of Snellville, Georgia, is located about 40 minutes from the heart of downtown Atlanta. It is a diverse city and many immigrants have been able to open a business or buy homes in the area. One such immigrant couple is Mr. and Mrs. Lee who opened Doo’s Seafood. According to the company’s website, the couple […]

The All-New Chevy Cruze Brings Home the Gold

When there aren’t many good things to be said about $4 a gallon gas prices, you have to feel good that Chevrolet has put the American automobile manufacturing industry back in the game, as far as compact sedans are concern. For years Japanese, German and even Korean automobile manufactures have been taking home the gold […]