Trayvon Martin’s mom to run for local office

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teen who was shot dead in Florida in 2012, announced that she is running for local office in Miami. Fulton, who is running for the post of Miami-Dade County Commissioner, made the announcement in front of a small crowd at the Miami Gardens shopping plaza […]

Black woman calls 911 for help and cops violently arrest her (video)

When Dyma Loving, 26 and her friend Adrianna Green, 22, called police after a neighbor pulled a gun on them, they never expected the violent response from law enforcement. Miami-Dade County police arrived at the scene and despite being the victim, Loving found herself violently assaulted by a cop, handcuffed and arrested for not listening. The […]

Newlywed couple kidnap and rape woman while they honeymooned in Florida

Rashada Hurley, 32, and her husband Timothy Lowe, 37, were a bit eager to share their love, but in a demented way. As they honeymooned in Florida, they had the bright idea to bring another woman to join them in their celebration. Hurley reportedly knocked a 27-year-old woman unconscious as she was backing out of […]