DeKalb County officer explains why he finally got COVID-19 vaccination

DeKalb County police officer Bethea, who preferred not to give his full name, received his first COVID-19 vaccine shot on April 6. After he took the shot, he spoke to rolling out about why he waited so long to get the vaccine. OK, officer. So you just got your first shot in April 2022 here […]

The fight for justice continues after recent ruling in Breonna Taylor case

Brett Hankison was found not guilty on March 3, 2022, of wanton endangerment in connection with the raid that killed Breonna Taylor. On March 13, 2020, Taylor was shot dead by police as they raided her apartment. Officers in plain clothes used a battering ram to enter the apartment and were met by gunfire from […]

Georgia deputy arrested for alleged sex trafficking, other felonies

An Atlanta-area sheriff’s deputy has been arrested and indicted on a series of major sex crimes that include trafficking in minors and rape. Derrick Gardner, who was an officer with the police department in DeKalb County, an eastern suburb of Atlanta, has been charged with trafficking of persons for sexual servitude, rape, child molestation, cruelty […]

U.S. Navy and Morehouse mourn alum, Lt. Asante K. McCalla, lost at sea

The U.S. Navy has reported the sad news that a young gifted officer, Lt. j.g. Asante K. McCalla has been declared deceased while stationed aboard the USS Lake Erie, a guided missile destroyer deployed to the Pacific. He was reported lost at sea, and a search of more than 16,000 square miles was launched by […]

Check out the ‘BLACKkKLANSMAN’ trailer

Produced by the same team as the Academy Award-winning Get Out, the new highly anticipated film BLACKkKLANSMAN, is set to hit theaters Friday, August 10. Visionary filmmaker Spike Lee brings this incredible true story of an American hero to the big screen.  Check out the trailer below.

Cleveland cop who shot Tamir Rice has been fired

CLEVELAND — The police officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice as he was throwing snowballs and playing with a toy pellet gun in a Cleveland park has been fired, the media reports. According to the Cleveland Police Department’s investigation, within two seconds of getting out of his squad car, officer Timothy Loehmann discharged his […]

White police officer shot herself and blamed the crime on a Black man

On September 13, police officer Sherry Hall of Jackson, Georgia called on police radio to report that she had been shot by a Black man. According to reports from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Hall said the altercation occurred after she stopped a 6-foot, 230-pound Black man who wore a green shirt and black jogging pants. At […]

Another cop slain in line of duty

For a second time this past weekend, another police officer has lost his life in the line of duty. Officials in Tarpon Springs, Florida, have reported that officer Charles “Charlie K” Kondek was shot and killed Sunday while responding to a call regarding a noise complaint. Residents of the community had reported a man, now […]

Off-Duty Chicago Cop Kills Angry Father Who Confronted Him After Daughter Run Over

An off-duty Chicago police officer shot and killed a man in west suburban Maywood Saturday, Aug. 11 after the officer crashed his motorcycle trying to avoid running into the man’s daughter, according to officials. The officer was on a northbound motorcycle heading home about 10 p.m. after his shift in a West Side police station […]