Marvelous Garvey shares benefits of sea moss lemonade

Bonfire ATL, sponsored by Backwoods, brings out scores of vendors every Sunday. Most vendors sell food and beverages, but some also introduce products that are beneficial to your health … like sea moss. Rolling out talked with Marvelous Garvey, an entrepreneur in Atlanta who makes his own sea moss lemonade to help improve health. He […]

Chantel Powell offers relief for smelly kids with Play Pits

Chantel Powell became an entrepreneur out of necessity. One summer, while shuttling her then-6-year-old son, Kameron, between basketball camp and football practice, she noticed that each time the car door flew open and he buckled in, it was clear that he was not only scoring buckets on the court but also sweating buckets under his […]

3 early resolutions to jump-start your 2018

Photo credit: 55Ohms / It’s time to pull out those journals that have not seen the light of day since the last New Year and make resolutions for 2018. In order to mentally and physically prepare for what is to come in 2018, here are three resolutions that can pave the way to a […]

Fit Fridays with Natasha Sealy: 5 tips to step up your health game

It’s a brand new year and you have set some great health and fitness goals to move forward. You’ve been eating healthy by choosing the right foods and have eliminated several nights of drinking. The fried chicken has been thrown by the way side (for the most part) and exercise has been happening on a regular […]

Organic eyebrow tinting all the rage at the Candy Brow Bar in Atlanta

Any good make-up artist knows that the eyebrows may just be the most important part of completing a flawless look. And that’s no different for Candy Richardson, owner of the Candy Brow Bar located in Atlanta, GA. The Candy Brow Bar is a salon with a unique flair: they specialize in shaping eyebrows, eyebrow threading […]

Chef Adrain Harrow launches Unique Syrups, all-natural food product

Chef Adrain Harrow has been creatively stirring up exquisite food for more than 12 twelve years. Born in the culinary paradise of the south, East Baton Rouge, La., and raised in the suburbs of Cincinnati and Atlanta, Harrow’s experiences started in the kitchen with his mother (a pastry chef), aunts and both paternal and maternal […]

10 Best Organic Foods

Walk into an average grocery store and you face a choice—47,000 choices of products, actually. And their labels advertise terms such as low fat, high fiber, free range, and organic. Some matter, some don’t. But those labels aren’t even the most confusing part: Many scientists say organic is more nutritious than conventionally grown food, while […]