Marvelous Garvey shares benefits of sea moss lemonade

Tells us what inspired his strawberry sea moss lemonade
Marvelous Garvey shares benefits of sea moss lemonade
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Bonfire ATL, sponsored by Backwoods, brings out scores of vendors every Sunday. Most vendors sell food and beverages, but some also introduce products that are beneficial to your health … like sea moss.

Rolling out talked with Marvelous Garvey, an entrepreneur in Atlanta who makes his own sea moss lemonade to help improve health. He elaborated on who inspired him to start his business.

Who is making smoke right now in Atlanta, Georgia?

Well, in order for it to be smoke there has to be fire. Right? I think that my beverage is fire. I call it Fah-dah-wah-tah though, so maybe that’s the steam, not the smoke. Anyway, I’m Marvelous Garvey on Instagram and I make sea moss lemonade. It’s good for your hair, skin, eyes, nails, and erectile dysfunction. So, if your man can’t get it up ladies go ahead and get him a cup.

How did you come up with that unusual name? 

It’s called Fah-dah-wah-tah, which is four “ahs.” My father taught me how to make the beverage, and I don’t know if you are religious or not; it doesn’t really matter. Whoever you believe in, you believe that the fruits and vegetables that are used come from the Father, right? If you drink too much of my beverage you might just become a father or a mother, because it’s good for infertility and it’s also just good for you overall.

Do you have different flavors?

I have strawberry lemonade with Irish moss and sea moss. I have carrot lemonade with sea moss which is a very unique flavor, but it’s so delicious. You have to try it out. I also make an hibiscus and ginger that doesn’t contain sea moss yet, but I have many flavors coming out soon. I have those two overall right now. Strawberry lemonade with sea moss, and carrot lemonade with sea moss.

Were there any obstacles to starting your own business? How did you overcome it?

I feel as if every day we face obstacles in life. With my business, I’ve faced many obstacles such as having people not necessarily want me near their establishment or around their establishment. Of course, I sell out of a cooler at the moment but I will have the juice truck very soon.

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