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Reggie Williams details what it takes to be a great comedian

Reggie Williams is making smoke in Los Angeles
Reggie Williams details what it takes to be a great comedian
Reggie Williams

Reggie Williams is a comedian who is currently plying his trade in Los Angeles. Williams does a number of funny skits and videos on his platform while trying to inspire up-and-coming comedians.

Williams spoke with rolling out about what makes people hot in the comedy scene, and advice for people wanting to follow in his footsteps.

What makes Los Angeles a great place to be a comedian?

I think the opportunity makes Los Angeles a great place. People like myself, I come from a big city like Detroit, but cities like Detroit and Chicago don’t have any comedy clubs for you to work out your material. Los Angeles has a plethora of clubs and you can pretty much get on any open mic and really work out your stuff. I think Los Angeles gives you the leverage that you’re looking for.

What makes someone hot in the comedy scene?

Being yourself. I think once upon a time having a gimmick or brand was the selling point for someone but I think people like transparency. For me, that’s what works, being transparent and talking about my life and experiences. I think that’s what gives you your heat.

What advice do you have for people who want to follow in your footsteps?

When you perform on stage, perform for the people. Don’t perform for other comedians, and don’t perform for other people that are out there judging. Perform for the people, because this is your gift. You like making people laugh, you like seeing them smile and that’s what you should be doing it for, and when you’re doing it to impress other people is when you lose yourself. You get dry on stage, you get nervous, and it really messes up your flow. When you’re doing it for the people, and for the people only, that should be your focus, and you’ll go far.

Where can people find you?

You can find me on Instagram @comedianreggiewilliams and Reggie Williams on Facebook. I put out all kinds of different reaction videos and skits, so check it out if you like laughter.

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