Lamorne Morris calls new series ‘Woke’ medicine served with sugar (video)

Lamorne Morris Woke

Actor Lamorne Morris calls the new Hulu series “Woke,” medicine served with sugar. Morris, whose previous credits include “Human Discoveries” and “Valley of the Boom,” is now starring in Hulu’s new comedy series “Woke.” Morris stars as Keef, a cartoonist on the verge of signing a huge deal. After police misidentify Keef as someone who […]

Police misconduct put on trial in Quibi series ‘#FreeRayshawn’

Stephan Jackson & Jasmine Cephas Jones

Stephan James and Jasmine Cephas Jones play a couple in jeopardy in the series “#FreeRayshawn.” James portrays Rayshawn, a Black man framed by police during a drug bust. Jones plays his wife Tyisha, who will go to great lengths to stand by his side with their son. The Quibi short-form series highlights police misconduct and […]

Laurence Fishburne leads stellar cast in Quibi series ‘#FreeRayshawn’

Laurence Fishburne leads a stellar cast in the Quibi series, “#FreeRayshawn.” The short-form series stars Stephan James as Rayshawn, a Black man framed during an undercover drug sting. While barricaded with his family, Rayshawn connects with Steven Poincy (Laurence Fishburne), a New Orleans police officer. Through that connection, Rayshawn looks to exonerate himself and peacefully surrender. […]

Cleveland police officers who shot unarmed Black couple 137 times fired

The tragic killing of an unarmed Black couple Timothy Russell, 43, and Malissa Williams, 30, by Cleveland police officers has resulted in the termination of six of the officers involved. In 2012, the couple was killed after a high speed chase in which police fired 137 shots into the car.  According to the officers on the […]

Cop viciously beats Black teen for jaywalking

[jwplatform ANwCBacF] Almost everyday it seems we are presented with scenes of police abuse and misconduct. This Black teen was caught jaywalking and was beaten with a nightstick and fists by a cop. The officer said the teen was resisting, but the child was hurt and pleading not to be hit again.

Did NYPD edit Wikipedia pages on Sean Bell and Eric Garner cases?

In what looks like a case of trying to save face and soften some harsh realities, a number of edits made to Wikipedia pages regarding high-profile cases of deadly force used by the New York City Police Department have been traced back to computers at NYPD headquarters. On several occasions, someone using computers with IP […]

Cop beats handcuffed suspect on video, jury finds him not guilty of misconduct

[jwplatform adqPnGqb] The murder of a child is one of the most heinous crimes that a police officer has to encounter. Passions are inflamed and things can get out of hand as you are locked in the room with an accused child killer. In August of 2013, former Milwaukee Detective Rodolfo Gomez encountered just such […]

Attorney Mawuli Davis shares insight on handling police misconduct, legally

Rolling out talked exclusively to attorney Mawuli Mel Davis about handling police misconduct, legally. It seems today that we’re hearing more and more about not just police mistakes but outright police abuse. In your opinion, what has gone wrong with policing? Over-militarization. You have a number of officers who have come back from war and […]

Baby Bou Bou, 2, ‘in pain’; family attorney speaks up

Bounkham Phonesavanh, also known as Baby Bou Bou is a case that has been on the minds of many people. This child’s face becomes a perfect example of the nightmare of the militarization of police and the questions that often come with it. Often, families do not have the legal or financial resources to fight […]

The Central Park 5 finally get justice; New York pays out big

Back in 1989 a brutal story of rape out of New York gripped the nation. A 28-year-old female investment banker who liked to go jogging at night was brutally beaten and raped. Five young black and Hispanic boys who ranged in age from 14 to 16 were arrested and convicted of the crime in 1990 […]