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Lamorne Morris calls new series ‘Woke’ medicine served with sugar (video)

Lamorne Morris Woke
Lamorne Morris as Keef in the Hulu series “Woke.” (Photo courtesy of

Actor Lamorne Morris calls the new Hulu series “Woke,” medicine served with sugar.

Morris, whose previous credits include “Human Discoveries” and “Valley of the Boom,” is now starring in Hulu’s new comedy series “Woke.” Morris stars as Keef, a cartoonist on the verge of signing a huge deal. After police misidentify Keef as someone who “fits the description,” his world is turned upside down. Rolling out spoke with Morris about the role and how the show uses comedy to deliver a message.

“Woke” is loosely based on the life experiences of Keith Knight, the co-creator of the show, who was profiled by police officers in San Francisco. What were your initial impressions of the show and his experiences?

It was spot-on to mine. I’m one of those Black dudes that people say, “Oh, you don’t sound Black.” I’m from the South Side of Chicago, yet I just speak a certain way. I remember being a kid when people began saying that to me. As I got older, you start to understand why or what would make a person say something like that. I just love the idea that the show can create that narrative for kids or for people who feel like they don’t fit in the Black bubble because of how they speak or the way they dress.

The show cleverly explores heavy topics like police misconduct with a comedic approach. Is that the best method of communicating with a broader audience?

I really vibe with the fact that I could still be serious in moments in the scene that can always be funny. I like to say sometimes the best medicine is spoon-fed with sugar around it. Sometimes you got to give people something sweet for them to digest it properly. So, with a message like this, you add humor to it, people will sit around and watch the whole thing.

Ahead of the premiere, there are some preconceived notions about what this show might be. What is the essence of the show?

It’s not a slapstick comedy. It’s not your typical series. This is one of the little shows that I think will move people in a way they may not have known. We don’t have to be, you know, political activists on the show if you are great, but if you’re not, just talking about it addresses it. It’s now [that] the world can digest it more because they know these are real issues.

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