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Will Smith to host new comedy show

Will Smith (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Will Smith will host a new stand-up comedy series for Quibi.

The 51-year-old actor will host “This Joka” for the mobile platform, with each of the 16 episodes including stand-up sets and one-on-one conversations between the Men In Black star and comedians in popular Las Vegas locations.

The show will feature up-and-coming stand-ups, established pros and even some legendary comedians.

Terence Carter, co-president of Westbrook Studios, which is producing the show, said of the series: “Will’s love and respect for stand-up comedy runs deep, and with this series on Quibi, we hope to discover, learn from and uplift the next generation of diverse comedic talent.

“The goal of ‘This Joka’ isn’t just to laugh but to find the universal human truths behind the laughter.”

Smith is the latest big name to sign up for a show on the platform, which launches on April 6, 2020.

Idris Elba and Ken Block will star in a stunt-driving series, while Lena Waithe will host a sneaker show titled “You Ain’t Got These.”

Guillermo Del Toro is working on a “modern zombie story” and fellow director Steven Spielberg is working on a horror series that viewers can only watch at night.

Jennifer Lopez has landed a show called “Thanks a Million,” in which she and nine others will choose an influential person from their early lives and give them $100,000 each, as long as that person passes down $50,000 to a similar person and that person hands off $25,000 and the chain continues.

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