K. Michelle celebrating end of plastic surgery nightmare: ‘I got my butt back’

K. Michelle is celebrating having her original butt back after experiencing serious health problems caused by implants that forced her to undergo multiple surgeries to have them removed. Michelle, born in Memphis, Tennessee, as Kimberly Michelle Pate, was among the millions of women who underwent plastic surgery to attain an enlargened, round posterior — often […]

How Jordyn Woods tried to hide her identity on ‘The Masked Singer’

Jordyn Woods was unmasked as The Kangaroo on Wednesday, April 8, 2020, episode of the singing series “The Masked Singer.” Although her friends had their suspicions that she was the voice behind the marsupial, she tried to cover her tracks by making up that she had an exciting acting project in the pipeline. She told […]

Cyrene Lovette’s interactive journal encourages self-discovery among women

Cyrene Lovette Tankard invites young girls and women to embark on a path to self-reflection and self-discovery with her newly released, interactive journal entitled Journey to Self. The passion project, targeted to young girls and women ages 17-25, began as a journaling experiment one summer while Lovette was finishing up her junior year at Howard […]

Atlanta’s leading organization of Black ministers honor breast cancer victim, posthumously

On Saturday, Oct. 24, the Concerned Black Clergy of Metropolitan Atlanta will host their annual Salute to Black Mothers, themed “Wind Beneath Our Wings,” at the Atlanta Marriott Gateway Hotel. This year’s honorees include commissioner Pota Coston, the First African American elected to the Fayette County Commission, who died from breast cancer this summer. Her Political Award will […]

Kim Kardashian blasts paparazzi on Twitter for threatening her life

Kim Kardashian is less than a month a way from giving birth to her baby girl but is already is full protective mommy mode. Kardashian is probably one of the most cooperative celebrities when the paparazzi is constantly following and flashing their annoying lights in her face. However, those days may be long gone. Kanye’s baby […]

Kim Kardashian pulled over by police

Reality TV star just can’t catch a break. As she was driving around Los Angeles in her Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG on Wilshire Boulevard with close friend Brittney Gastineau on Saturday when she was pulled over by a Beverly Hills Police Department cop. While the reasons have yet to be disclosed, Kim looks a little distraught as […]

Celebrity real estate: Kim Kardashian and Kanye sell brand-new home

Less than two months after closing on a 9,000-square-foot  Bel Air home, hip-hop star Kanye West and reality TV star Kim Kardashian have decided to raise their baby girl elsewhere. According to recent reports, the duo have flipped the property for around a million more than the $11 million they paid.  The mansion, completed in 2010 on […]

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