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Cyrene Lovette’s interactive journal encourages self-discovery among women

Journey to Self journal photo courtesy of Cyrene Lovette

Cyrene Lovette Tankard invites young girls and women to embark on a path to self-reflection and self-discovery with her newly released, interactive journal entitled Journey to Self. The passion project, targeted to young girls and women ages 17-25, began as a journaling experiment one summer while Lovette was finishing up her junior year at Howard University.

Despite juggling a full course load and a film schedule, Lovette felt that something was missing. The “Thicker than Water” reality TV star dove into writing as a form of therapy and wrote about different topics she tackled as a high school and college student. After receiving positive feedback from friends and peers, Lovette quickly realized Journey to Self transcended a simple blog post and deserved a larger platform capable of helping others on their journey. 

“I was going to keep it [to myself] and maybe blog about it, but people told me I should keep writing because it was really good. [As I] showed more people, they told me I should turn it into something,” Lovette shared. “It wasn’t long enough to be a book, but it was long enough to be an interactive journal … it just started coming together really naturally. It was an organic process … everything meshed together.”

Journey to Self acts as an open forum for young girls and women to record their dreams, goals, prayers, mistakes and faults. The page-turner includes guided topics such as: “finding your niche,” “being selfish with your time,” “having good work and faith ethic” and “customizing your own experience.”

There are also thought-provoking writing prompts and free space to write. The Journey to Self author recalls the importance of journaling and how powerful it was in manifesting her current fame and success as an actress and empowerment speaker.  Click here to continue.

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