Tamar Braxton is unapologetic about role as The Angel in ‘Redemption of a Dogg’

Je’Caryous Johnson’s newest stage play, Redemption of a Dogg, stars music icon Snoop Dogg and singer Tamar Braxton. The play chronicles a character built around the persona of Snoop Dogg, a multi-faceted character who’s a gangsta rapper, family man and man of God. It examines the internal battle one man has between preserving his life-long legacy and […]

Omar Gooding on Snoop Dogg, his own music and the new season of ‘Family Time’

Omar Gooding is a chameleon whose alter ego, Big O, is a conscious hip-hop emcee. The multitalented actor transitions between comedy and drama via multiple platforms. His roots come from film and music industry royalty, yet he is grateful when fans ask him for selfies. Along with starring in Bounce TV’s hit comedy, “Family Time,” […]

Snoop Dogg celebrates his birthday with stage play in Chicago

Snoop Dogg was in Chicago at the Aire Crown Theater celebrating his birthday and acting in the stage play Redemption of a Dogg. The Arie Crown hosted two shows this past Saturday. The rapper, 47, displayed his acting skills in the play written and directed by Je’Caryous Johnson. Tamar Braxton, Eric Benet, Omar Gooding, Demetria […]

Snoop on his stage play ‘Redemption of a Dogg’ and 25 years in music

Snoop Dogg is a true icon. With 25 strong years in show business, Snoop has shown many different versions of who he is. He has gone from gangsta rap to gospel and remained true to his core. Snoop recently scored his first No. 1 gospel album with the release of Snoop Dogg Presents Bible of […]