White mall security guard brutalizes Black pregnant woman (video)

A violent incident at a Texas mall has many people questioning the use of force by a mall cop. A video was posted to Facebook that shows a mall security guard, violently trying to arrest a woman who is very pregnant in the company of another small child and a male companion. According to a Facebook […]

How you can help Ju’Nea Turner, single mom assaulted by her boss over $8.47

Last week, rolling out was the first media outlet to have an exclusive interview with Ju’Nea Turner, a single Black mom violently assaulted and injured by her immigrant Korean boss over an $8.47 refund to a customer. She was unjustly fired and soon became another victim of people who feel they can assault and harass […]

How the Korean boss who assaulted Black worker over $8.47 may be in cuffs today

On Monday, rolling out reported the assault of a woman by her Korean boss at an Atlanta metro area takeout restaurant. A video recorded by a customer named Markus Moultrie showed Mr. Lee, the owner of Doo’s Seafood and Deli located in Snellville, Georgia, violently assault Ju’Nea Turner, an employee and single mom of two. According […]

Korean business owner slaps Black worker over refund (video)

The city of Snellville, Georgia, is located about 40 minutes from the heart of downtown Atlanta. It is a diverse city and many immigrants have been able to open a business or buy homes in the area. One such immigrant couple is Mr. and Mrs. Lee who opened Doo’s Seafood. According to the company’s website, the couple […]

Teen pistol-whips tax preparer because refund check was late

A Detroit woman really needed her income tax refund badly last Friday. So badly she got upset when it was not ready and took action. She started getting loud, and then a fight began. But she had backup, her friend Xzavier Mazyck, age 19, pulled a gun and started pistol-whipping the tax preparer. A security […]

R. Kelly fans demand refund after concert by an alleged impersonator

R. Kelly fans in Monroe, Louisana are are upset after a supposed Kelly concert that they claim featured an impersonator onstage instead of the real deal. Kelly was advertised as the featured performer at Ced’s Black Tie Affair in Monroe, and the cost was $150 per ticket. But according to Billboard, fans are now claiming that the man onstage was not Kelly, but a lip-synching impersonator. On top of that, the performer didn’t take the stage until 1am.