Giving to fake homeless mom cost Baltimore woman her life

A Baltimore woman is dead after an act of charity toward what she thought was a homeless mom and baby. Jacquelyn Smith, 52, was sitting in the passenger seat of a car, with two other relatives coming back from a family event. She saw a woman who appeared to be homeless holding a baby and a […]

Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum set up by FBI

As the campaign of Andrew Gillum, the Tallahassee mayor and Democratic candidate for Florida governor, is gaining steam, a shocking revelation has come to light. It turns out that an undercover FBI agent surreptitiously gave Gillum tickets to the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton.” The New York Post is reporting that the FBI agent, using the name […]

Sacha Baron Cohen ‘tries’ O.J. Simpson on ‘Who is America’ HBO series (video)

The HBO series “Who is America” starring the irreverent comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has caused politicians to resign and Trump supporters to dress in drag. But this past weekend, Cohen had an unsuspecting guest, NFL legend O.J. Simpson. The encounter segment was noteworthy because unlike Cohen’s prior guests, Simpson was not falling for any of the comedian’s […]

Derrick Rose rape trial: A used condom, sex toy and possible mistrial

The rape trial of NBA player Derrick rose is taking a turn that may lead to a mistrial. Rose testified yesterday that the woman who is accusing him of rape was playing with a sex toy when he entered the bedroom. According to Rose, “She was laying on her back playing with a vibrator. It […]

Sandra Bland update: What was cop dropping in trash?

Sandra Bland

[jwplatform IMgt1AMY] A recent video uploaded to Instagram shows something very disturbing regarding the death of Sandra Bland. An unidentified officer is seen hiding something in his hand and then dropping it in the trash. However, the camera is only focused on the officer, not the jail area.

Actor Ryan Phillippe regrets making movie with 50 Cent

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The movie business is a crapshoot and no one knows this better than actors. Veteran actor Ryan Phillippe (Cruel Intentions, Crash) recently spoke with the L.A. Times while promoting his new film and directorial debut Catch Hell. While discussing making low-budget independent films, Phillippe reminisced about a little-known movie […]

How a heroin addict gets high

Using heroin, according to drug counselors, is a very physical and emotional experience for the addict. The addict has to have a kit in order to shoot up.  The kit would include something to use as a tourniquet, perhaps a belt, the IV needle, a source of flame, small metal container to heat heroin and […]

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