50 Cent dropping BMF documentary and new series on Snoop’s 1996 murder trial

50 Cent just might own the cable network Starz after it’s all said and done. The G-Unit boss boosted the network’s rating over the past five years with hit series like his “Power” franchise and his latest offering “BMF (Black Mafia Family)” which tells the story of drug kingpins Demetrius “Big Meech” and Terry “Southwest […]

Michael B. Jordan discusses ‘Creed III’ moving on without Sylvester Stallone

Michael B. Jordan will be making his directorial debut in Creed III and recently discussed Sylvester Stallone being visibly absent in the latest piece of the Rocky puzzle. Jordan explained that the latest film will be about Creed setting his own legacy and leaving Rocky Balboa behind. “I think that Sly let it be known […]

Black female film director makes Cannes history

You’ve probably heard of Spike Lee and the late John Singleton, but what about Mati Diop? Diop is a French Senegalese film director who made history over the Memorial Day weekend when she won a second place award at the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival in France. This is the first time a Black female director has […]

Ava Duvernay and Samuel L. Jackson slam major Golden Globe winner

Last night’s Golden Globe Awards was definitely packed with a bunch of headline-worthy highlights, and one of those surprising moments was when veteran actor Sylvester Stallone seemed to snub his Creed co-star, Michael B. Jordan, during his acceptance speech. Well, the snafu didn’t go unnoticed and Stallone ended up receiving some stern words from two […]

‘Creed’ red carpet premiere and cast interviews

[jwplatform RFvVIWaB] Creed, starring Michael B. Jordan, hits theaters this Thanksgiving and is said to be the greatest boxing film of this decade and perhaps ever. Director Ryan Coogler really brought his directorial talents to the table for the world to see with this film. Interviews by: Mike Melendy Camera: Jason Turcios

Fit Fridays with Holly Lowe Jones: How to exercise more consistently

As a triathlete and former personal trainer, I am frequently asked if I lift weights. Despite my muscular and toned physique, I don’t adhere to a strength-training regimen year round. I have been working out consistently for 20 years and have built what is commonly referred to as “muscle maturity.” This is one of the […]

Wesley Snipes and Terry Crews join forces in ‘The Expendables 3’

Actor Terry Crews is awestruck. He isn’t shy about his admiration for Hollywood legend Wesley Snipes. The two have teamed up in Stallone’s all-star cast The Expendables 3, an action/thriller about a group of mercenaries on a mission to take out one of their own, which is in theaters this Friday, August 15, 2014. During […]

‘Grudge Match’

Grudge Match Stars: Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Hart, Kim Basinger, Alan Arkin, LL Cool J Let’s face it, Sylvester Stallone has never been much of an actor, his mouth full of marbles diction makes him incomprehensible, and the Botox has made his face immovable, rendering his expressions unreadable. But there are multiple reasons […]

Famous movie roles that were meant for other celebrities

It is sort of poetic justice that lady killer Idris Elba has landed a juicy film role intended for another long-established matinee idol, Tom Cruise. Elba played the lead in Guillermo del Toro’s sci-fi tentpole Pacific Rim, a part that had been offered to Mission Impossible franchise star Cruise. Elba had been earmarked by the […]

10 male celebrities who had bad plastic surgery

When you hear the words plastic surgery, women and breast implants immediately come to mind right? Well the men in Hollywood have been getting just as much plastic surgery as the ladies but mostly to their faces and hair. Check out which male celebrities had plastic surgery but  it didn’t improve their appearance here.

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