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Wesley Snipes and Terry Crews join forces in ‘The Expendables 3’

Photos courtesy: Lionsgate
Photos courtesy: Lionsgate

Actor Terry Crews is awestruck. He isn’t shy about his admiration for Hollywood legend Wesley Snipes. The two have teamed up in Stallone’s all-star cast The Expendables 3, an action/thriller about a group of mercenaries on a mission to take out one of their own, which is in theaters this Friday, August 15, 2014.

During a recent interview with the pair, Snipes and Crews’ “mutual respect for each other” and their comedic sensibilities were on display.

Read what they have to say about the film, the excitement being the only “brothers,” and working with Stallone.

What can we expect from Hale Caesar this installment in The Expendables?
Terry Crews: Pretty much the same you got in the first two. My character’s arc is big, bigger, biggest. He has energy, that wild card who gives you everything he’s got … a little bit like my own personality.

What will Doc, the newest member, bring to the crew?
Wesley Snipes: A little mustard, a little mayonnaise [laughs].

How was it for the two of you to work together?
TC: First of all, I’d like to say the reason I am even in this franchise is because of this man sitting right next to me [references Snipes]. He was supposed to be in The Expendables in the beginning. I have been [keeping] this spot warm for him for two movies. The fact that he’s here in the third means everything is right with the world and the way it should be. It’s the biggest [and] best one yet.
WS: I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Terry for his kind words. They’re not true. He has been holding his spot and he’s held it very well on all levels. I have enjoyed seeing his work in this particular franchise. I was hoping we’d get to do more together in this film but he’s a big movie star and TV star right now so he has plenty of things to do and he couldn’t play with us little guys.

What attracted you to the film?
WS: The funniest thing is when I read the script and saw there were two black actors in the movies, I said, this would be an opportunity for us to be two brothers and then they tell me … [spoiler alert, check out the film in theaters]. They are obviously going to save it for the spin-off . Terry brings resurrection and I am like one of the apostles, John … they have to develop that storyline [laughs].
TC: We are going to find out we’re related or something [laughs].

You two have great chemistry and energy together? What’s it like to work together?
WS: It’s mutual respect.
TC: I am a fan first. I have picked his brain about all the great roles that he’s taken … New Jack City, Blade, Passenger 57 … he’s given me insight. I am here to lean and grow. That’s the best thing for a young actor involved in this sort of franchise.
WS: I’m Terry’s peck-popping protégé.

What’s it like working with Sylvester Stallone?
TC: I had the chance to talk to Sly and what he was thinking when he wrote Rocky. This stuff is better than college because you learn it from the people who’ve done it. I feel I am an apprentice and to get these kind of blessings, I am not messing around with it. I am ready to take it.
WS: There’s [not] a lot more you can do with your life than to work with a guy who’s so successful, kind and open to new talents and to being a mentor. He’s survived the highs and lows in the industry. I guess you could be doing something else?
TC: I look at him as my pops in this business. I glean knowledge from different people and he’s been like a father. We’d shoot a scene and he’d take me to the video village to watch the playback, telling me what I was doing and what I was doing wrong. The best advice he’s ever given me is “Terry, take your moment. Every time you have that camera you have the audience, the studio, the world and everybody’s attention … you have the ball. You don’t get another chance most of the time. Every time you ace that moment you, you get another shot.”

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