4 people killed in Tulsa mass shooting; gunman also dead

crime scene tape

On the evening of June 1, four people were killed in a shooting in a medical building on a hospital campus inTulsa, Oklahoma. The gunman was also found dead due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. According to the police, multiple people were wounded, but none of the injuries were considered life-threatening. The shooting occurred on […]

Judge allows Tulsa race massacre reparation case to proceed

The case for reparations for the three survivors in the Tulsa Massacre will continue in Oklahoma. Tulsa County District Judge Caroline Wall ruled against a motion to dismiss the suit to get the three survivors paid. The survivors are Lessie Benningfield Randle, 107, Viola Fletcher, 107, and Hughes Van Ellis, 101, as reported by the […]

6 Black millionaires who rose from the depths of slavery


Aside from Madam CJ Walker, the history of Black wealth is an uncelebrated and unknown phenomenon. However, history notes that Booker T. Washington and his Tuskegee Institute produced more self-made Black millionaires than Harvard, Princeton and Yale combined. Below we examine success stories of freed Blacks, slaves and the children of slaves. Mary Ellen Pleasant […]

5 Black cities that resemble the thriving spirit of Tulsa, Oklahoma

In his memoir, My Life and An Era, attorney Buck Franklin, a survivor of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre who represented other Greenwood families in court after the tragedy, describes firsthand his memories of that horrific time. He also notes how prosperous the Black community was prior to the events of May 31, 2021. There […]

7 facts about Tulsa that Whites want you to forget

One hundred years ago on May 31, 1921, White mobs destroyed the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma. According to many historians, it was known as “Black Wall Street.” More importantly, it is also considered the most horrendous occurrence of racial terrorism in U.S. history. Unfortunately, many Americans are unaware of the story of Greenwood and […]

Regina King feeling ‘optimism and pain’ after anti-racism protests

Regina King is balancing “optimism” and “pain” amid the anti-racism protests. The 49-year-old actress admits the protests in the U.S. and overseas, sparked by the death of George Floyd, have given her a sense of hope for the future. Speaking on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” King said: “I am managing a balance of optimism […]

Suspected mass graves from 1921 Tulsa race massacre to be excavated

In 1921, the Black enclave of Greenwood, Oklahoma, near Tulsa was a thriving source of  Black economic power and pride. It was common for Black residents to dress their best as they engaged in their daily activities, proving that while separate from Whites, Blacks could survive based on Black dollars. That year, Black residents would […]

What? Asian hair store owner who punched Black woman has lines out the door

An Asian proprietor who sells Black hair care products, but disrespects Black patrons and even punched a Black woman in the face, is still getting long lines out the door to get into his store. The owner, Changseok Jun of Anna & Jun’s Beauty Supply Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was captured on camera assaulting a […]

Cop who shot Terrance Crutcher now teaches officers about surviving scandal

Shocking news has come out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, about former officer Betty Shelby. Shelby gained infamy after the 2016 murder of the unarmed Terrance Crutcher. Crutcher was waiting on the side of the road after his car broke down and was shot dead by Shelby. The shooting received national attention as Shelby offered up explanations […]

Asian store owner punched Black woman in the mouth as her kids watched

An Asian man was recently arrested for brutally punching a Black woman in the face after she was shopping at his store. The incident occurred at Anna & Jun’s Beauty Supply in Tulsa, Oklahoma. April Harding, a hairstylist, often shopped at the beauty supply store for her business. At some point, her 3-year-old son grabbed […]

Tulsa cop who shot unarmed Black man returns to work

The police officer who was acquitted of first-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed Black man in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is reportedly returning to work today, May 22, 2017, just five days after the jury returned with the decision in her favor. Officer Betty Jo Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher, 40, when she […]

Were drugs involved in police shooting of unarmed Terence Crutcher?

The train of victim blaming is never late when a Black man is shot by police.This time it has made a stop during the investigation of the death of unarmed Black father of four, Terence Crutcher, 40. Video of his death showed the pastor with his arms raised as he was gunned down by police […]

Tulsa officer Betty Shelby kills unarmed Black man; implicit and explicit bias

Betty Shelby of the Tulsa Police Department. Tulsa Police Department and her victim, Terence Crutcher, 40 A Black man was unarmed and fatally shot by police. This isn’t a new news story. Yet, we are overwhelmed and confused by it. No matter how often we chant “Black lives matter” or retort “Blue lives matter,” the […]

Details about Terence Crutcher’s fatal shooting by Tulsa officer Betty Shelby

Tiffany Crutcher, 40, was adamant her twin brother was not armed when he was fatally shot by police. Terence Crutcher was assassinated by Tulsa police when they arrived to investigate his stalled car that was in the middle of an intersection on Tulsa’s northeast side. In the video that can be watched on the next […]

Internet fame brings needed donations for fire victim Michelle Dobyne

A tragic fire has made Michelle Dobyne an improbable Internet start. Dobyne’s apartment building caught on fire and she was forced to flee with her children. Unhurt, she was interviewed by local media and her hilarious response went viral. Now she is the subject of a new music video by the internet team “The Gregory […]

Woman’s hilarious interview about apartment fire goes viral

[jwplatform QwcKygvE] A fire broke out in a Tulsa, Oklahoma, apartment and Michelle Dobyne was forced to flee with her children. But when the news crew showed up, she gave an interview that some have called hilarious. Watch her testify that “I got my three kids and we BOUNCED out!”