Barack Obama condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Former President Barack Obama has joined the chorus of denunciations of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Former presidents George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter have spoken up about their concerns about Putin’s action.  “People of conscience around the world need to loudly and clearly condemn Russia’s actions and offer support for the Ukrainian […]

Lupita Nyong’o feeling ‘pensive’ about ‘Black Panther 2’

Lupita Nyong’o is in a “pensive state” with regards to the Black Panther sequel. The 38-year-old actress will play the role of Nakia in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film but “can’t imagine” returning to set without Chadwick Boseman, who played the lead role in the original but passed away last year at 43 after […]

Actor Winston Duke remembers John Singleton

Actor Winston Duke remembers John Singleton (Photo by Derrel Jazz Johnson for Steed Media Service)

Actor Winston Duke, best known for playing M’Baku in Black Panther and Gabe Wilson in Us, shares how director John Singleton’s work impacted him personally and professionally during an interview with rolling out at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

Some Whites outraged by ‘Us’ director Jordan Peele’s newfound Hollywood powers

Jordan Peele continues to catch flack for sharing his thoughts on movie casting. Peele, who recently directed the hit horror film Us, told an audience at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angelos that he’s not interested in casting a White male lead in his films. “I don’t see myself casting a White dude as the […]

‘Us’ explained: 10 things you missed while watching Jordan Peele’s horror film

Spoiler Alert Jordan Peele’s Us broke a box-office record for horror films by securing $70 million in the opening weekend. However, Peele’s symbolism caused some moviegoers to leave with unanswered questions. Here are 10 things you missed while watching Us. Jeremiah 11:11 Adelaide Wilson, first portrayed as a girl by Madison Curry, notices a destitute man holding a sign […]

The extreme measures Lupita Nyong’o took to pull off her role in ‘Us’

Lupita Nyong’o studied people with spasmodic dysphonia to create the voice of her Us character Red. The 36-year-old actress plays the antagonistic ‘Tethered’ character — as well as Adelaide, Red’s non-villainous doppelgänger — in Jordan Peele’s new horror movie. Nyong’o says she gained inspiration for the character’s haunting voice by studying the neurological disorder that causes involuntary […]

Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ reveals the horrors of America being its own worst enemy

In the opening scene of Jordan Peele’s Us, a vintage TV set displays a commercial of the 1986 Hands Across America campaign. The obnoxiously weird campaign attempts to fight homelessness by encouraging millions of Americans to hold hands to form a human chain across the nation. Next to the vintage TV, VHS tapes of 1980s […]

‘Black Panther’ actor Winston Duke discusses being sexualized by fans

Winston Duke didn’t expect his Black Panther character to be “sexualized and fetishized” as much as it was. The 32-year-old actor played Jabari Tribe leader M’Baku in the 2018 acclaimed Marvel blockbuster. He claims that with his big screen breakout role, came a huge amount of objectification surrounding his body, making him a “sexual object.” Duke says it […]

Lupita Nyong’o discusses her role in the new horror film ‘Us’

Lupita Nyong’o opened up about her role in the new horror film Us. The 36-year-old actress admits she felt “pressure” starring in Us. She was nervous about starring in the Jordan Peele directed horror film, which follows the story of a family faced with its worst nightmare when they return to the mother’s childhood home. She told, “Of […]

Jordan Peele reveals the budget for his new horror film ‘Us’

Jordan Peele revealed the budget for his latest horror film, Us, in comparison to his first project, Get Out. The 40-year-old comedian turned filmmaker, says that although his hit 2017 satirical horror Get Out was made with $5 million, he thought it was “key” to have a bigger budget for his upcoming psychological fright fest Us — which was made […]

US Black Chambers marks 10 years of service to the Black business community

By Ron Busby A crying need. A germ of an idea. A determination to make a difference. These are the elements that led to the 2009 founding of the U.S. Black Chambers Inc. Despite meager startup capital and few business relationships in Washington, D.C., it wasn’t long before power players in the district took notice […]

How actress Lupita Nyong’o celebrated her birthday

Lupita Nyong’o “treated” herself to a 10-day silent retreat for her birthday. The 35-year-old actress was always interested in meditation and, after promoting Black Panther and attending a string of awards ceremonies, she felt like getting away from all distractions was the “best gift” she could offer herself. In an interview with America’s Marie Claire magazine, […]

Travel to Cuba fast before Trump interferes with US’ new relationship

President Donald Trump is on a mission to reverse every act former President Barack Obama put in place. There’s one act that the former POTUS is most proud: it’s the re-normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba, a signature accomplishment for the first Black president of the United States. The US and Cuba’s relationship was strained and ties […]

Obama to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into US

The humanitarian crisis in Europe has not caught the attention of many in America, but that may soon change. Tens of thousands of refugees fleeing war torn Syria have descended on Western Europe causing unheard of chaos as countries scramble to find a place for the tide of humanity. Germany has been the desired destination […]

FBI releases highest rapes per state

Alaska Has Highest Rate A list of states with the highest rape rates has been released and Alaska has the highest level of rapes at 3 times the national average. The FBI has stated that “reported rape is higher in Alaska than any other state.” Rates are the number of reported forcible rapes per 100,000 […]

Face Beast or Mark of the Face?

Each year, there are tales of prophecy regarding the end of the world and the second coming of Christ by Christianity’s most vocal believers. They speak of the exorbitant occurrence of natural disasters such as the earthquakes in Chile, Japan, Haiti and, most recently, in Ethiopia as well as the devastation of floods and tornadoes […]