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The Grammys got it wrong again; why are we surprised?

The day after the Grammys is always fairly interesting. Everyone talking about which performances they liked, which ones they hated, and which award winners were undeserving–it’s as much a part of awards season as the actual ceremony. After last night’s 56th Annual Grammy Awards, most hip-hop fans are feeling bitter over Macklemore & Ryan Lewis taking home Best Rap Album honors for their popular LP The Heist.

Juicy J’s ‘twerk scholarship’ winner didn’t have to twerk

The winner of Juicy J’s controversial “twerk scholarship” has been announced–and it turns out the young lady wasn’t even required to twerk to win the money. Biology student Zaire Holmes is the winner of Juicy’s $50,000 Twerk Scholarship. Surprisingly to many, Holmes, a 19-year-old student biology student at State College of Florida, did not twerk in her application video.

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