Lil Wayne was arguably, at one time, the poster boy for substance abuse in the hip-hop community, lacing his bizarre and wildly popular lyrics with references to his addictions. But now the emcee is rapping a different tune as opens up with MTV News about why he’s enjoying his life of sobriety

The Young Money chief’s substances of choice were once marijuana, alcohol and the street drug “syrup” or “lean” (a highly addictive mix of cough syrup, cold medicine, alcohol and candy). But following his prison sentence for gun charges last year and his current probation sentence, Wayne has had to adjust to a life of sobriety.

But as he explained in an interview with MTV correspondent Sway Calloway at a recent concert in Providence, Rhode Island, sobriety has had a positive impact on both his life and shows.

“Yeah it’s a big difference. I almost jumped in the crowd, “said Wayne, enthusiastically. “I’m like I’m sober, I’m sweating. I’m tasting my sweat. My sweat taste different. My sweat used to taste like weed. But now it’s just, I’m like I don’t know what it is. I’m out there, my eyes big, my eyes all wide. I had threw my glasses, I don’t even need these. I could see everything right now. But yeah man, it’s a great feeling.”

Wayne is now undoubtedly enjoying his current run on the 24-city “I Am Music II Tour” with his Young Money protégé Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and rocker Travis Barker.

What do you think of Wayne’s sobriety? Do you think he’s a better artist and performer now? – nicholas robinson?

Lil Wayne Talks About His New Sober Outlook On Life

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