KiD CuDi Says He’s a Better Actor Thanks to HBO Series

KiD CuDi hit the ground running in Hollywood, two years ago, when he landed the role of party boy, Domingo Brown, on the hit HBO series, “How To Make It in America.” And while the burgeoning actor spent the first season grafting the basics on screen, CuDi now says that he’s become a better actor because of the show.

While on the set of the acclaimed HBO series, CuDi spoke with MTV News and discussed the show’s upcoming second season, explaining that this time around, fans will get to see more depth in both him and his character.

“This season, my character has a lot more depth than the first season, and one of the things that I really took seriously was preparing. I got an acting coach; I wanted to step it up,” said CuDi. “With anything that I’m doing, I always want to take it to the next level — whether it’s music or acting.”

To aid in his quest for acting perfection, CuDi says that he followed the pros and studied his own acting performance.

“One thing that I did, I studied the first season, I studied my performance. I knew that I was gonna get a lot more this season,” he said. “I wanted to deliver. I wanted to make the people at HBO happy. I wanted to make my management happy.”

Another thing that compelled CuDi to improve his acting skills was his desire to hold his own on screen with his experienced co-stars, Bryan Greenberg and Victor Rasuk.

“I wanted to be able to step on the camera with cats like Victor and Bryan Greenberg, who are pros at this s—, guys who have been doing it for years, and to be able to do a scene with those guys and maintain and really deliver with the focus. I really feel like I stepped it up a whole lot, and I’m excited to see it.”

The second season of “How To Make It in America” will begin airing some time this summer.

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