Jada Pinkett Smith Admits Marriage to Will Smith ‘Isn’t Easy,’ Dishes on Spicy Sex Secrets!

Disclaimer: Married couples, please try this at home…tonight!

After being hitched for over a decade, one can’t help but to wonder how one of Hollywood’s hottest and most talked about couples keeps their flame burning bright. Jada Pinkett Smith has claimed that she has sex with her husband, actor Will Smith, in “interesting places” to keep the spark in their marriage. In the past the couple has been rumored to be everything from swingers to “sex-crazed” and all of the above, all because people were baffled at the success of their marriage as celebs in the dreadful, “un-holy Hollywood” where marriages barely last a year. But despite the rumors, Mrs. Pinkett Smith kicked game plain and simple and previously told Access Hollywood that in a relationship, specifically a marriage, “you’ve got to be able to move your romance around. Move it around, you know…kitchen, closet, park…parked car [laughs].”… If you recently saw the 2011 BET Awards , you couldn’t help to notice that both Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were glistening and glowing so they must be doing something right. I swear they need to write a book.

Anyway , the ‘HawthoRNe’ star, who has always been outspoken about her relationship says that she and her Hollywood superstar husband, “Big Willy from Philly” like to experiment when it comes to lovemaking so they don’t get stuck in a “routine.” She recently went on to tell Piers Morgan on popular CNN show, ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ :”We make love in some interesting places because I feel like you have to keep spontaneity, you have to keep your partner on their toes because once, you know, it starts getting into a routine, it’s like – it gets very boring. You commit, you give your life to someone.”  With that being said, all you married couples, newlyweds, fiancés, soon-to-be divorcees and or “wifey materials” out there, take notes. (clears throat)

Also, although everyone thinks that they have the best, easy-going marriage ever and an “all the time” happy relationship, Jada feeds us a little more reality as she goes on to admit that “it’s not an easy marriage.”

“We don’t scream at each other. We cut that in the beginning because we’re both very passionate people, so we knew we wouldn’t survive screaming at each other. We have arguments and we have our disagreements and we have our debates. You know, we have our problems. I mean, it’s not perfect in the sense that we don’t have any issues,” she explained. But in the bedroom however…seems like they’re in their own perfect, sexual healing heaven to me! That also explains they’re “perfect” kids Jayden and Willow. What can I say? It obviously takes phenomenal lovemaking to make such phenomenal children. lol

Do you think Will and Jada’s marital practices are effective? Do you feel that they are realistic or all “Hollywood talk?”

  1. It’s very realistic. In a relationship, and ladies I’m talking specifically to you right now, you have to be everything to your man, or trust me he will find it elsewhere. Me, I change my look every other day. I keep him guessing, and interested. We have sex all the time. And when I say all the time I mean, every day. It’s not because I want it everyday, but I keep him happy, so even if it’s just a quickie and he’s cool with that – I let him have it.

    I am all things to my husband. We have sex in strange places as well. I surprise him sometimes. When he least expect it I come on to him and it turns him on like a mad man. Like Jada said, you have to keep it interesting. Trust me ladies, if you do that, you’ll have the most well behaved man this side of the Atlantic lol.

    Here’s one that may not sit too well with some women, but because I’m very secure with me, I have no problem at all with my man and porn; nor do I care if he scopes out other women. Hell, sometimes I help him.

    No, I’m not gay, but I understand his love for the female body and who am I to suppress that. Not to mention, I know how much he loves me; we are best friends. And ladies let me tell you, when you try to tell a man what he can and can not do, that’s when he starts doing it.

    When you let him be a man, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well behave he becomes. My husband and I don’t keep secrets from one another because he knows that I’m rational and wont trip over the small stuff. He likes big booties, and I don’t see a problem with him looking.

    It’s ridiculous to assume that you are the last woman in the world that your husband is every going to be attracted to; that is not realistic.

    Another thing you should try is talking about his fantasies, as well as yours. My husband and I talk about our fantasies all the time. Sometimes we act them out (within reason). And because we are best friends, we can tell each other pretty much anything.

    I know what Jada is talking about, and ladies, we need to do more (for the right man) to make sure that we do what Chaka said do, BE EVERY WOMAN!

    1. Pashon,
      Your comments are so true.  You mentioned one important point about your marriage, “you are best friends.”  When you can openly discuss things such as porn, how beautiful other women look and your fantasies, you will have a much healthier relationship.  I recall in the early part of our relationship prior to marriage, my husband called me from a popular strip club a couple of times.  We would have a regular conversation not even centered around sex.  One time I heard a stripper in the background asking him to get off the phone. I was turned on that he was thinking of me amidst all the butts and boobs and he benefited from the attention he showed me.  Now, he does not need strip clubs.  He has me. 

  2. I believe the most effective part of Will and Jada’s marriage is the fact that they work together and understood each other very well from the beginning.  That really makes the sex so much “mo better” when you can disagree and even have problems, but together you work them out.  There marriage appears not to be about just one person, it is about the decisions that the two of them make regarding their life choices, careers, family and when and how to have sex that is pleasing to them both.  They did not just get together, they built a relationship.  I was at a function a couple of years ago where the ladies (including me) were asking Will for pics and Jada was calmly and confidently going about her business as if to say, “he is going home with me.” I liked that in here and was certainly respectful by acknowledging her before I walked away.http://mobetterbysheila.blogspot.com

  3. oh give me a break!  they live in hollywood and are multimillion dollar celebrities and we have no idea what their lives behind closed doors or outside of the camera are really like. i don’t take marriage advice from people that i don’t know, especially celebrities. talk to me in another 10 or 15 years when their children are grown and doing well as productive citizens of society and the two of them are still in love with one another…until then, they are just another face on the page.  Oh and by the way, I’m not hating, I have been married to the same man for nearly 24 years and we are still going strong!

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