Rodney King has been arrested again for driving under the influence. Police did not reveal which substance is to blame for this recent indiscretion, but I’m hoping it’s not something smokable that damages much-needed brain cells.

Police say they arrested King, 46, after watching him commit “several traffic violations” in a 1994 Mitsubishi. They pulled him over on Tuesday, July 12, in Moreno Valley, Calif.

King has had several scrapes with the law in the 20 years since his unjustified beating at the hands of the LAPD (and their acquittal) sparked an “uprising” that cost L.A. County an estimated $1 billion in damages.

He went to jail in 1995 for allegedly ramming his car into his wife and served 90 days in jail for hit and run. In September 2001, he was arrested again after police alleged he was high on PCP.

King went back to jail for ramming his car into a house while drunk and again in 2005 for making threats against his daughter and his ex-girlfriend.

In 2007, he reported to police that he had been sprayed by shotgun pellets while trying to prevent a man and woman from stealing his bike. No one was arrested in that incident.

King was cited in March of this year for driving with an expired license.

Now, this. Dr. Drew Pinsky, can Rodney please come back to ‘Celebrity Rehab’ one mo’ ‘gin? It appears he may be in need of an intervention. –kathleen cross