Obama Critic Joe Walsh a Deadbeat Dad?

Rep. Joe Walsh is being sued for child support.

Joe Walsh goes all in on President Barack Obama on a viral video that opens like this: “President Obama, quit lying,” Walsh says firmly. “Have you no shame, sir? In three short years, you’ve bankrupted this country.”

Walsh continues, “I won’t place one more dollar of debt upon the backs of my kids and grandkids unless we structurally reform the way this town spends money!”

According to breaking reports, Walsh is bankrupting his own children, to the tune of more than $100,000 in back child support.

Walsh’s ex-wife Laura is suing him; and she asked the judge to revoke his driver’s license until he pays up. Walsh shot back in court, “Have you no decency?”

The 49-year-old has assumed the spokesman position for the “no compromise” faction that refuses to endorse any budget solution that would raise taxes on the wealthy.

Now, that’s the interesting thing, according to Walsh’s attorney, R. Steven Polachek, Walsh doesn’t have a dog in the fight for wealthy people, because until recently, his finances were in shambles, too. “Joe Walsh hasn’t been a big-time wage-earner politician until recently — he’s had no more problems with child support than any other average guy.”

The epic nine-year battle for child support took a twist when the congressman, who had previously claimed that he was too poor to pay child support, loaned thousands of dollars to his campaign. In a motion filed in December 2010 seeking $117,437 in back child support and interest, Laura Walsh’s attorneys noted that Joe Walsh “personally loaned his campaign $35,000, which, given that he failed to make any child support payments to Laura because he ‘had no money’ is surprising.”

The attorneys concluded: “Joe has paid himself back at least $14,200 for the loans he gave himself.”

Joe Walsh’s attorney Polachek says the amount allegedly owed in child support is “unfounded.”

In the meantime, Walsh lives with his new wife and children in a sleepy suburb.

He has not made payments on the alleged $117,437 he owes in child support — and this guy is calling President Obama on the carpet about the nation’s dire finances.

Joe Walsh, if the allegations are true, may need to focus on his own finances before attacking President Obama.

Video: Joe Walsh: Pres. Obama Quit Lying

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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