Fantasia’s Lover Still Battling Estranged Wife in Court

After singer Fantasia Barrino announced to the world over the weekend that she’s pregnant by her married boyfriend, Antwaun Cook, it’s now being reported that the singer is due to have her baby Dec. 29, 2011, according to RadarOnline.

“They’re excited to be having the baby around the holidays,” said the source.

Although this will be the couple’s first baby, it won’t be the first time that Barrino has been pregnant by Cook.

Last November, after Cook’s estranged wife, Paula, accused her husband of cheating on her with Barrino, the “Bitter Sweet” singer testified during a separation hearing between Cook and his wife and revealed that she had been previously pregnant with his child but had undergone an abortion.

Reportedly, Paula learned of the pregnancy early on but was devastated by Cook’s decision to leave her for Fantasia.

“Antwaun told Paula that Fantasia was pregnant early on,” said a source close to the situation. “He wanted her to hear it from him before word got out in the press. Paula was really hurt when he left her for Fantasia, so it’s like the knife that was already in her back is being twisted now.”

The estranged couple is now, once again, in the middle of a legal battle as the two will meet in a North Carolina courthouse on Aug. 10 to figure out the accurate date of their separation. Although Cook claims that he was separated from his wife when he struck up a relationship with Barrino, Paula claims they were still together when he cheated on her.

This is indeed a sticky and complicated situation for Barrino, one that will no doubt further damage both feelings and reputations for all involved. But perhaps the cons can be balanced with the birth of Barrino’s child.

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