Vina Mills Giving Detroit Something to Sing About

Vina Mills

Born in Detroit, the soulful songstress is in no way, shape, or form your typical artist. No stranger to the stage, Vina Mills began her musical career at age of six under the guidance of her late father, Vincent Revel. Now a young woman, Vina Mills lives by her father’s teachings and produces what she refers to as “electric soul.” The anticipation for the album is mounting!

Her energy lit the stage as a dancer for Scream Tours and music videos. Since then, she’s headlined for the Detroit Promo Tour; and opened for Mary J. Blige, Lil Wayne, and Fantasia just to name a few. She’s also graced the set of BET’s 106 & Park. In April 2011, her first national single “Love Again” was released. Rolling Out had the opportunity to catch up with the dancer, singer-songwriter to discuss life lessons, her music and image, as well as upcoming projects.       -megan mccolla

Being a new artist, what were some major challenges you had to overcome?

Being typecast. My father, who was also a musician, taught me to be true to myself. By keeping that formula, being myself became my “it” factor. Other valuable lessons hard work ethics, reading and writing music. Not only do I write my songs, but I’ve also written for other national artists. The ability to write your own ticket is very important. It’s an asset to know how to handle your business on stage and behind the scenes.Definitely. In music, [artists] tend to be misunderstood if they fit into an image [cast by others].

What artist(s) or type(s) of music were the source of your inspiration?

Aspects of my life inspire me to head to the studio. [I do like] die hard entertainers like Michael Jackson, Prince, and James Brown. From Detroit’s own Big Sean to Beyonce and Miguel, Elvis to Tina Turner – I listen to all types of music.

Your sound has been compared to Mary J. Blige. How would you describe your style?

Organic. An authentic [blend] of memorable hooks and a live B-section. “Love Again” is arranged with heart-like drum beats and crying strings that represent the feeling of falling in love. My music is about life and love situations, good and bad. I refer to it as electric soul.

It seems you have an interest in fashion. Are you involved with the industry in any way?

It surprised me that I actually have a fashion following. I do work with designers. It’s much like writing a song. I’m interested in doing shows, but I’m taking [things] one day at a time.

Love Again” is now played on local radio. What‘s next on your agenda?

The video for “Love Again”. I’m in the process of finishing the album. My next song is probably going to be a club song. There will be two or three more songs available before the release in the fall.

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