‘Single Ladies’ Finds Replacement for Stacey Dash: 5 Other Famous Cast Shake-Ups

Earlier this year, fans of the Atlanta-based VH1 sitcom “Single Ladies” were disappointed to discover that show’s lead actress, Stacy Dash, was departing the show to spend time with her children. Now, after months of speculation about who would take Dash’s place, VH1 has announced that actress Denise Vasi, who’s previously acted on the defunct soap opera “All My Children,” has joined the cast in the lead role.

According to AccessAtlanta, Vasi will come on board the show in the role of Raquel, a savvy businesswoman who is a close friend of Keisha Greene (LisaRaye McCoy). Raquel comes from a prominent Southern family and, like Val, is on a quest to find true love in Atlanta. It’s unclear as to how the show’s writers will deal with the departure of Dash’s character, Valerie “Val” Stokes.

“Single Ladies isn’t the only TV series to experience a major cast shake-up. Below, check out five other shows with famous cast changes. –nicholas robinson

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  • On BLAST
    May 30, 2012

    I just read this interview/article Denise “Vasi” AKA new girl on Single Ladies gave lol Ok so u say u r family oriented? your a liar because you haven’t spoken to your mother or step dad in YEARS. I read blogs about you and people that went to school with you called u out like the cheap SKANK that u are. You HATED your family and so u moved in with your grandmother in Brighton Beach N.Y. Your name is NOT Denise “Vasi” is Denise FELIX. You slept with almost every guy in John Dewey High School as well as Reynolds J.H.S. You met Noah Tepperberg, a really old ugly fat white man who had connections into the industry (yes I saw pictures of u with him on google) he helped u land a role on All My Children and then u dumped him! You later moved on to Russel Simmons, and u saw u weren’t getting ISH out of him so u moved on to the next fellow who was rich and owned a “pasta shop (Hello Pasta in NYC)” Oh wait I missed one, u were engaged to Sevan Arslanian another connected man in the industry, u lasted 48hrs and that was that. Now you are dating another poor soul, Anthony Handler a big time music video producer who helped you land this current role. You’r teeth are FAKE(I saw pictures of you when you were young) Your face is all BOTOXED out to the point where you cant really move it. Your head is too big for your body and you lack in the acting skills. EVERYONE on this planet knows that the ONLY and I repeat the ONLY reason why you have made it this far is A) Your colored eyes AND B) You sleep with high powered men to get ahead in this industry! Point BLANK! It’s not shocking to believe because well, we saw you on screen TRYING to act and you are ABSOLUTE torture to watch! You will always be a hood-rat. Stacy is a talented amazing lady and u honey will never measure up. Your acting shouldn’t be aloud in a kindergarten play.

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