Since R&B legend Toni Braxton legally separated from her husband, Keri Lewis, in 2009, the singer has enjoyed spreading her wings on the dating scene. And during a recent trip to the “Chelsea Lately” show, Braxton explained that she is a fan of interracial dating and is currently dating a white man.

In the interview, show host Chelsea Handler asks Braxton what she likes about dating a white man, prompting the singer to give a rather comical answer.

“I’m playing in the snow. It’s kinda nice. I can’t deny it. Well, just because it’s something different. The skin feels different. That’s kinda nice. It smells different. Is that in my head, no?” laughed Braxton, before getting a co-sign on the scent explanation from Handler. “He’s a really nice guy. Little things though … He likes hiking. Black people don’t hike. Kayak — Is it called kayaking? See, I can’t pronounce it. Yeah, that stuff, too.

Braxton also revealed that, despite separating from Lewis, she still goes on dates with him. And if it’s any consolation to her semi-estranged husband, Braxton also revealed that she hasn’t yet had sex with her new beau.

“It’s only been, like, six, eight weeks,” said Braxton. “I’ve been locked down for 10 years. So I’m kinda, I’m not comfortable with the slut in me yet. So I’m working on her. She’s not out yet.”

Well, we’re glad that Braxton is enjoying her dating life and getting a taste of the rainbow. And, like Braxton, here are other 10 stars who enjoy and support interracial relationships. –nicholas robinson


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