Nicole Scherzinger’s Gun Crazy Ordeal in Mexico: 6 Other Celebrity Brushes With Death

Pop singer Nicole Scherzinger may hobnob with real-life former bad boys like 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg, but the “The X Factor” got a dangerous taste of life on the wild side during a recent trip to Mexico when she was held at gunpoint by police officers.

According to RadarOnline, Star magazine is reporting that Scherzinger and “X Factor” choreographer Brian Friedman were recently in Mexico to shoot the singer’s latest video, “Try With Me.” While the two were driving through the drug-infested mountains in a bulletproof SUV, Mexican police pulled them over, surrounded them and held them at gunpoint.

“We were held at gunpoint,” Friedman told the magazine “People next to our cars … there were M16s and Berettas! Nicole cursed me with this trip. It was the craziest adventure ever!”

However, the understandably rattled group wasn’t cited and they were quickly let go afterwards. Mexican authorities did confirm that Scherzinger’s crew was pulled over by police, but claim that their weapons were never directly pointed at anyone.

Well, Scherzinger’s brush with disaster is surely something to talk about, but here are six other incidents where celebs nearly lost their lives. –nicholas robinson

Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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