We are all aware of the attacks directed toward immigrants, African Americans, the poor and food stamp recipients by the Republican Party.  As a consequence, we often expect the party of the wealthy to make outrageous statements reflective of their hate and disdain for all that is not White Anglo Saxon Protestant. It is just strange when such statements are made by an African American.

Rev. O’Neal Dozier, an outspoken poster boy for the social conservative movement is the pastor of Pompano Beach’s Worldwide Christian Center. Dozier, who is black, said a Republican will need at least 10 percent of the black vote to win the presidency.

After placing third in South Carolina, Rick Santorum made his first Florida campaign stop at Dozier’s church, where he gave a faith-based sermon. Dozier is also Santorum’s honorary chairman of his state campaign.

Dozier, who is well connected with the Bush family is considered to be both an Islam phobic  and homophobic pastor who often says out loud what others will not.  He is on the record of saying that gays “make God want to vomit.” He has also made his views clear on Mitt Romney and his Mormonism.  “You can look at the June Gallup poll that shows the people have already spoken – 22 percent of the electorate will not vote for a Mormon,” Dozier said. “The American people will not vote for a Mormon to be president of the United States.” Dozier added that “Blacks are not going to vote for anyone of the Mormon faith,” he said. “The book of Mormon says the Negro skin is cursed.”

Dozier started his church in 1985 and notes that he preaches on “the dangers of Islam and Islamic fascism “and that he has been strongly influenced Rev. D. James Kennedy. In 2001, Governor Jeb Bush appointed him to serve on one of Florida’s key judicial nominating commissions. In 2006, he declared war on a local Islamic group trying to build a mosque in the neighborhood. He also campaigned vigorously for Rep. Allen West, an African-American conservative who shares Dozier’s views on gays and Muslims.

-torrance stephens Phd