George Zimmerman’s Dad: Ret. Judge Robert Zimmerman discusses Trayvon Martin’s murder

For the first time since that fateful night on February 26, the father of a neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager sat down for a television interview. Robert Zimmerman, father of George Zimmerman, said he decided it was time to speak out for his son, against the advice of others.

George Zimmerman’s Dad: Robert Zimmerman speaks… by theUMN


  • Wildrose
    April 3, 2012

    Bullshit!  Robert Zimmerman has the police, the FBI and everyone else in his pocket.  He is lying once again, just as he has done throughout the years, for assaulting women and police officers .  He has covered everything up…right to this very moment…for his “boys”. 

    What a despicable family!

    • jjfair
      April 8, 2012

      Now I know why George’s felony’s disappeared without a trace. Felon’s cannot own a gun unless you dad is a judge to make it go  away.

      To hear his [George] father stating such a lie as to the bloody nose, and head having a scar from someone that under weighed his son by 80 pounds.

      You are correct, “What a despicable family.” The father knew his son was a criminal from the age of 12 or before.

  • James Wright
    April 12, 2012

    Robert Zimmerman, all what you have said are not what you heard from your son. You made some up in defense of your son. You should be able to know even if your son is lying. Now I see how you have been doing your job as a judge. May God bless America from people like you.

  • Kevinustp
    May 4, 2012

    I wasn’t there.  Thankfully, Zimmerman will be put on trial just like OJ, Michael Jackson and Jayson Williams

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