According to Amir Shaw’s report on the Floyd Mayweather-Miquel Cotto brawl, Pretty Boy Floyd picked up another $32 million to add to his already colossal fortune to finance his ridiculously luxurious lifestyle. We at rolling out are not mad at “Money Mayweather.”

We’re also not upset at the fact that Mayweather is steadily becoming the Magic Johnson of boxing in that he is working just as hard to turn his riches into even greater fortunes, something that the following boxers did not (and we must add Antoine Walker of the NBA, who accumulated $100 million during his NBA career and is now millions in debt and filed for bankruptcy).

The New York Times did an elaborate feature on Mayweather and his handlers and inner circle a few years ago. Unlike the aforementioned Walker, who took many of his friends and family members on the road with him and paid for their airfare, living expenses, food, clothes, addictions (whether legal or not) and party habits until he was flat broke, Mayweather has a crew surrounding him whose job it is to make him more money, not detract from his wealth. What a concept.

If you are going to be in the “Money Mayweather” camp, you must be an asset to the group and help enhance and multiply his already mammoth bank account. If not, then you will be unceremoniously dismissed from the click. Magic Johnson is the same way. Johnson hires experts in the fields of forging business relationships, accounting, marketing and investments and pay them well for their expertise, which is why MJ is now worth more than the other MJ, Michael Jordan, to the tune of $500 million to $400 million, respectively. Now, who could have ever seen that happening when Jordan ruled the sports and advertising worlds?

This is a sad list I’m about to show you, which will inspire both pity and derision, because the following championship boxers never created a millionaire mindset to compliment their millionaire lifestyle. And, as a result, some of them (if they are still alive) are living in practical destitution.

Take a look at the biggest boxing champions ever who are now flat broke: 

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