Will Smith Finally Addresses Divorce Rumors

As Will Smith prepares for the release of his latest installment in the Men In Black series, he’s speaking on a topic that’s been swirling around his marriage for at least a year. Smith, 43, has long been silent about rumors that he’s ending his seemingly perfect Hollywood marriage to Jada Pinkett-Smith. Pinkett-Smith herself only recently decided to speak out after reports surfaced that she and her beau were living in separate cities. “These rumors are completely untrue. I’m traveling a lot because of my work, as does Will. And the fact that I’m accompanying our daughter, Willow, on her trips, while Will spends time with our son, Jaden, doesn’t make things easier,” she told Gala France. “But our way of living hasn’t changed. Before the children, we were already away from each other quite often because of our work.” Now with his wife openly addressing the hearsay, the rapper/actor obviously thinks it’s his turn.

While doing press for Men In Black III, Smith was asked directly by “Access Hollywood’s” Shaun Robinson on how he copes with rumors that he and his wife are no more. Ever the optimist, Will answered the question lightheartedly with a smile. “For me with that type of stuff you can’t take that personally. It’s just a game. And it’s funny, I don’t look at things as the upside or downside you know?, he said. “It’s just a part of the game, you know? I’m not gonna play that part, but I can understand where somebody would have something in their heart where they need to stab at somebody, where they need to poke at somebody. But I’m indestructible, so…. [laughs]”

Smith also spoke about his children, Willow who’s prepping for the release of her debut Roc Nation album, and Jaden who’s being groomed to play a child assassin in a forthcoming film.

Check out Will Smith addressing divorce rumors below. -danielle canada

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