Relationships — 7 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Significant Other

relationships on the rocks7 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Significant Other

Many people stay in relationships long past the time that they should … after the expiration date has passed and too much harm has been done to make the union a viable or a healthy one. It is key to know when to remove yourself from a situation that is not improving or moving in a direction that leads to better lives the two people in it. Once relationships have gone toxic and encompasses insurmountable pain, broke promises and dashed dreams the damage is irreparable, and the only thing left to do is to end it.

Signs it’s time to call it quits:

1. If you hear the words I am sorry more than three times a month, recognize that this is a ‘sorry’ relationship, so don’t add to the sorry congestion, by licking your wounds and feeling sorry for yourself  get out of it. Say ‘good bye’ to your partner and ‘hello’ to freedom, happiness and the promise pf more rewarding relationships.

2. If violence and anger are part of relationships and you feel injured and abused, verbally or physically , then the time has come for you to walk away. Don’t think like a man or think like a woman, think like a person who loves themselves enough to protect themselves from harm and build sound relationships

3. If your relationships don’t leave you feeling that you’re special to the other party, i.e., you haven’t received a gift or a card or some token to say I am thinking of you in the past 30 days, it is time to stand-up and make your wished known.

4. Make a list of your expectations and share it with your partner. Ask your partner to make a contract on the same document detailing the terms of an agreement to show how much they appreciate you. If they are not willing, have them sign the document anyway, consenting to end the relationship since they don’t agree to your terms.

5. If you have been in long term relationships and aren’t feeling fulfilled, or if your eye has started to wander and you wonder about being with someone else, that is a sign that you are just biding your time until someone else comes along. The problem is that in the meantime things may happen in your relationships, (child conception, legal issues, money matters) that will keep you entangled past the point of no return. Don’t hang around, leave before things get more complicated.

6. If you are in denial about your feelings, and relationships seek professional help.

7. If you are cohabitating and your significant other is not carrying their share of the load financially, physically or emotionally, just write down one simple word, F-O-O-L. That’s what you are for taxing yourself by placing more burdens on yourself, especially someone else’s. If you don’t have the space, the income or the breathing room, offer to help them make other provisions, and hold on to what you have.

At any rate, just check yourself by keeping your relationships and feelings in check.


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