Tameka Foster’s Bridesmaid and Usher’s Alleged Mistress Revealed


Usher’s Alleged Mistress Revealed 

The identity of the woman who’s been named as an alleged mistress of Usher Raymond has been revealed. As previously reported, the ongoing child custody battle between Usher and his ex Tameka Foster has taken a nasty turn; a turn that’s mentioned the singer’s infidelity with two members of Foster’s bridal party. Most recently Foster’s attorney called out one of those women by name and alleged that Maya Fox Davis was one of the women that not only served as a bridesmaid in the couple’s nuptials but later slept with the singer. According to Foster and her representation, one of the couple’s nannies left Miami because she discovered Usher in bed with the woman while the couple was on a family vacay.

With that new information on hand, pictures of Davis have hit the net that not only show her on Raymond’s wedding day but with the singer and his son who she affectionately kissed on the lips.

After pictures of Davis hit the net, she tweeted online, “Loose lips, sink ships”, a possible reference to the situation at hand. Her ex-friend Tameka obviously got word of the alleged mistress’ tweet and wrote online, “Really?? first U creep now U tweet. Loose lips sink ships huh??..more like Loose chicks turn tricks!”


Check out pictures of one of the women Foster alleges Usher cheated on her with below. –danielle canada



  1. Lmao! Loose lips sink ships , loose chicks turn tricks. Scandalous so-called friends. Let this be a lesson to you younger girls who trust your bestie a little too much by sharing intimate details about your man, DON’T do it! It backfires. Men get attracted to other women who hang around long enough. Ex: arnold schwarzanegger who banged that troll of a maid. It didn’t matter how ugly she was. Men just want something different.
    As for Tameka, she is an angry possessive woman who Usher should have never married. But he did despite his inner circle’s warnings that it’ll end. In matters of the heart, think with the head. It’ll save you a lot of grief down the road.

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