Did Kim Zolciak Really Get Evicted? The ‘Real Housewife’ Speaks Out



Zolciak Speaks on Eviction Claims

If you’re a ‘Real Housewife’ living in your multi-million dollar dream home, what are the odds that you’ll not only be evicted, but have the entire ordeal splayed across television sets and computer screens? If your name is Kim Zolciak-Biermann, than apparently the odds are very, very high. Zolciak, 34, is said to be not only evicted, but homeless and searching for a new residence for her football player husband, their son, her two daughters and their unborn child.

Zolciak's Rented Home

Despite reports of her homelessness however, the ‘Housewife’ insists that she’s not out on the streets and in fact was never evicted from the lavish mega mansion. Speaking via her official Twitter account, Zolciak is dispelling claims that she’s been forced out of her home and instead says she’s in the process of building another lavish estate. Furthermore Zolciak is adamant that her landlord, Atlanta socialite Kendra Davis, is “bat s— crazy.”

“No honey, not evicted,” said Zolciak to Wendy Williams on the social network. “Lease was up May 31, and were trying to extend our lease for 4 months until our house was built, but our a–hole landlords emailed us June 1st and said get out.

“So we are in the process of moving.” she added. ” Eviction means I never paid my rent ,which has never happened. We are simply in a holding period and moving out while paying a fine everyday until everything is out! Google Kendra, she is bat s— crazy mama! “ 

She later added that after having the home appraised, she and her husband were displeased with the landlord’s $3.25 million asking price.

The supposedly ‘bat s— crazy” landlord tells a different story however. Kendra Davis has taken to her @IAmKendraDavis twitter account to respond to fans of the Bravo program who’ve lambasted her with questions about the situation. According to Davis she’s taking the high road and responding “appropriately” more than likely with legal action to Zolciak’s claims. She adds however, that the truth will eventually be revealed. “Truth always prevails!” wrote Davis online. “I’m going to continue to conduct business the way I have. But be clear! It will all reveal it’s self in time!”‘

Kendra Davis

Before Davis gave her response on Twitter, the landlord spoke with TMZ amid claims that Zolciak refused to pay her rent. She also claimed that the couple’s lease ended May 30 therefore making them illegal tenants who were late on the $600 a day fee Davis charged them for staying past their contract. Zolciak later admitted to not paying the hefty fee, but told the website she would make a lump sum payment “soon.”

All the while Zolciak’s mess is playing out in the media, her ex-best friend Nene Leakes is making snide comments. “I can’t stop laughing at these folks this morning” she wrote online.

Who do you believe in this Zolciak home debacle? The ‘Real Housewife’ or her real landlord?- danielle canada 

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