Single Fathers Who Take Care of Their Children


If there is a demographic that is more maligned and vilified in America than black men, it is black fathers. Or the lack thereof.

Black men who father children have generally been consigned the grotesque “babies daddies” moniker because of the horrid statistic of African American children who are raised in single-parent homes, with the overwhelming majority of them being raised by black women. And then there are black children who aren’t raised by anyone and are inordinately represented as wards of the state.

But here are celebrity men who could be off acting like the stereotypical deadbeat and disaffected dad, but these black men play prominent roles in their children’s lives. Some, like Ludacris, who used to be a single dad, have had their children live with them. And lets not even use the excuse that celebrity men have money that’s why they chose to take care of their children. Because there are too many others, like Terrell Owens and Shawn Kemp and Antonio Cromartie, who keep dropping seeds in different area codes and then roll onto the next conquest without shame or a conscience. Therefore the ones with or without money who raise their kids, especially as single dads, should be celebrated.

Take a look at the single fathers who take care of their children.

terry shropshire

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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