Amber Rose Ditches Singing Career: 5 Other Wannabe Artists We Won’t Miss

Earlier this year, Amber Rose announced that she planned to take the music world by storm with the help of her fiancé, Wiz Khalifa. The blonde bombshell even dropped two singles, “Loaded” and “Fame.” But now Rose has decided to call it quits on her singing career and focus on her upcoming marriage.

“I got engaged and I decided not to go through with an album because I just feel like it’s a bit too much,” she told “I’m 28 now and me and Wiz are in love and we’re thinking about having kids … to do shows and start a music career is just not on the cards for me.”

But this isn’t the complete end of Rose’s career in music. The wife-to-be says she plans on jumping on some tunes every now and then.

“I’ll dip and dab and do little cool stuff,” she said. “I’m featured on Wiz’s mixtape with Rick Ross, and I’ll just do little fun stuff like that whenever I feel like it’s cool.”

Somehow we doubt that fans are going to be heartbroken over Rose’s musical absence. And like her, below are some other stars we won’t miss in the music world. – nicholas robinson


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