Which ATL Housewife’s Son Was Recently Arrested TWICE?

Even with continuing fame from the lenses of reality TV cameras, which “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has a son that just can’t seem to keep himself on the straight and narrow? If you guessed Nene Leakes, you’d be exactly right. Leakes’ son Bryson Bryant was once again arrested in Georgia for not obeying the law. Bryant, the oldest son of the reality star, has a history of arrests.

Bryson Bryant's 7-5-12 Probation Violation Mug Shot

According to public records, Bryant was taken into custody July 5 in Gwinnett County, Georgia for probation violation. Before that, however, Bryant was arrested for driving with a suspended license on June 25, 2012. Details on both arrests are still skimpy, but under the suspended license charge Bryant posted a $700 bond. There is no word yet if he made bond for the probation violation incident.

Bryson Bryant's 6-25-12 Driving With A Suspended License Mugshot

The arrests come just a little over a year after the 20-something was arrested in the same county for stealing a pair of razors from Walmart. When news of her son’s 2011 arrest broke, Leakes was filming her Bravo TV program and spoke candidly on the subject in front of cameras. “Who in the hell walks into a store and steals two $14 razors?” said Leakes to Cynthia Bailey’s husband Peter. “And in a Walmart of all places!”

In addition to purloining shaving equipment, Bryson had not been reporting to his probation officer, Leakes admitted. That issue may even have sparked his most recent arrest.

For his frivolous behavior in 2011, the housewife famously left him in jail to learn a lesson. “He’s had a really easy life, so now I’m gonna show him what a hard life is,” said Leakes. “He’s gonna stay in jail, I’m not getting him out, and he can figure it out from behind bars.” Before the arrest for stealing, Bryson was arrested twice in 2010, once for possession of a controlled substance and weapons possession and a second time for marijuana possession.

No word on how much jail time, if any, Leakes’ son could be facing for his latest infractions. –danielle canada