Stevie J, Joseline and Other Strange Celebrity Romances

Stevie J and Joseline Fernandez getting married? According to media reports, yes, which seems to defy all logic. How can a relationship between a prolific womanizer and a stripper-turned-rapper work out in the long run? Is this a publicity stunt designed to increase ratings or does Stevie J really love Joseline?

Stevie J’s proposal to Joseline seemed to gather steam when he told Sister2Sister “I ain’t ready to say nothing,” when the mag posted him up to confirm or deny whether the engagement stories were true or not.

Well, if he and Joseline are indeed getting married, it wouldn’t be entertainment’s weirdest couple. Here are some of the other odd couples in Hollywood that folks are still shaking their heads about.

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1. Mickey Rourke and Anastassia Makerenko

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