5 Sincere Sunday Praise & Worship Songs

So here’s the scenario. You just woke up this Sunday morning and would love to spend some quality time with God before heading to church. After spending a few quiet moments alone with God, you suddenly draw a blank, not knowing exactly how to lift your voice in song to thank your creator. It’s a problem shared by others, so don’t be hard on yourself … but as you continue to develop your voice as it pertains to praise, I thought I’d share 5 songs that will help you enter into a sincere place of praise and worship. Click below and enjoy your Sunday.

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  • Val
    September 2, 2012

    NO. Once again, you have things wrong. The only sincere praise and worship song is one coming from a pure heart and soul. Little children whose hearts are still pure and full of love, God, the Father, hears them and loves them so. Also, someone who cannot even be found on the keyboard because they “cannot sing,” but they have a pure love for God, God hears the sweet words and uses him or her to encourage others. Purity of heart and spirit are where it’s at. Whether you have a two octave voice, an amazing arangement or can get folks to roll around on the floor, is totally immaterial.

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