Mali Music highlights worship with ‘God Be Praised’ album

The Grammy-nominated artist is back

Mali Music is a three-time Grammy-nominated artist, producer and composer with roots in gospel, R&B, and hip-hop. He is widely known for his albums The Coming and The 2econd Coming and collaborations with other gospel artists.

Mali recently released his single “My Worship,” and is promoting his upcoming album God Be Praised. He spoke with rolling out about the new music and his collaboration with AT&T’s Dream In Black program.

Tell us about “My Worship.” 

I’m so excited about the new music. We’ve been building a project that I felt we could live with, and “My Worship” is just the tip of the spear, and there’s so much more. I know that people say, “Mali, what is this?” Or “Mali, this is crazy.” Either way, I don’t care. We’re talking about worship. I’m excited about getting back behind the production chair and having a big hand in the making of the music and many of the tracks on the album. It’s kind of like a rebirthing to the making of the tracks because I produced a lot of the songs that we love on The 2econd Coming, so it’s cool to get back behind the keyboard.

What has changed about your music in 2023?

Everything I’ve learned and experienced in music, life, development, maturity, financially, emotionally and mentally is inside every lyric. I feel that not only will you learn about me, but we’ll be able to learn about ourselves. One thing that has been encouraging throughout the years, is I’m just a forecaster or a mouthpiece for a huge culture of people, that now we are CEOs, CFOs and executives, but all of us were getting plucked in the head at church and getting dragged to Sunday school so all of us know the Word of God, and we know how to pray. In spite of everything that’s going on, we love to have fun, we love to get down, and, being grown is a real thing, but [we keep] those core [basics]. A lot of people say that mentally I helped them in college, I helped them through a transitional point, and I may have helped them through death. Those are the things and the reasons that I make music. I feel that this is an updated or upgraded version of what was a Tylenol or aspirin or some type of bomb. I’ve seen the side effects or the things with the new technology and what we could do with sounds and this is what I want to do in the spirit right now, so I want everybody to listen to the new album, God Be Praised.

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