New George Zimmerman Evidence Released


Trayvon Martin’s DNA Not Found on Zimmerman’s Gun 

A new batch of evidence has been released today in the case against neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. The Sanford, Florida man who admitted to the February killing of Trayvon Martin, might have a bit of a debacle on his hands now that newly released evidence is shedding doubt on one of his claims. According to The Orlando Sentinel, prosecutors released new evidence today including several photos and DNA testing from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. In the extensive DNA reports, law enforcement officials conclude that multiple handlers were found on Zimmerman’s gun and holster ; none of those handlers however were Trayvon Martin. The new evidence is especially crucial considering that Zimmerman says he fatally shot the 17-year-old in self defense after he reached for his weapon. The evidence proves that that was a lie.

Also found in the evidence is a recorded statement from a 7-Eleven store clerk who sold Martin the skittles and Arizona Iced Tea he purchased just minutes before being killed. “Did you have any idea you were the 7-Eleven clerk that sold him the famous Skittles?” a law enforcement agent asked. “Nah,” replied the clerk, whose name was erased from the tape.

In July, newly released evidence included testimony from a woman identified only as “witness 9” who accused Zimmerman of molesting her for over a decade. She would later say that she knows for a fact that Zimmerman and his family “don’t like black people.” Zimmerman was freed on a $1 million bond in early July. -danielle canada

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