Nicki Minaj Puts an End to Mariah Carey Feud Rumors

Nicki Minaj was a guest on the “The View” on Monday. Taking center stage with guest-host Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas and regulars Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd, Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hasselback, Minaj talked about her image, outrageous outfits and her new gig on “American Idol.”

When it comes to her image and potty mouth, Minaj doesn’t feel she should be charged with the task of child rearing. “Children must be parented by their parents,” she says to cheers. However, she does encourage young women to seek independence. “I don’t like for women to depend on men” and she goes on to say that she works “really hard.”

When asked about her new role as judge on “American Idol…”

“It’s going pretty good. You gotta watch and see. I look up to all of them. I worked with Mariah very early on in my career. I am grateful that she gave me that look very early on. She is really, really funny. I didn’t really know Randy before, but he is funny.” Minaj and Carey collaborated on a remix of Carey’s song “Up Out My Face” in 2010.

Goldberg prompts Minaj to speak on individuality…

“I like [for] my Barbz to have individuality. It doesn’t have to be the in thing, cool or accepted for you to do it. If there’s something that you don’t feel comfortable with, you shouldn’t do it. Love yourself, Barbz,” she closes.

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