Post-racial society, huh? Notice that the media no longer utters that utterly ridiculous phrase after the multiplicity of race-based episodes the last four years. The latest is a gruesome exemplification of racial animus directed at President Obama but tragically incurred by an innocent Louisiana black woman minding her own business, the media reports.

KNOE 8 News confirmed reports from the Winnsboro (La.) Police that they are working with the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office investigating a woman allegedly attacked and burned on Sunday night.

Her crime? Wearing an Obama T-shirt.

According to the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office, Sharmeka Moffitt was on a walking trail in a city park wearing a President Obama T-shirt when she was attacked at about 8 p.m. on Sunday. The assailants allegedly doused her with racial epithets as well as gasoline, calling her the N-word repeatedly before scrawling the letters “KKK” on her car after they charred her body.

Moffit was taken to a Winnsboro medical center and then transported to LSU Hospital, which specializes in treating burns, in Shreveport in Northern Louisiana.

A friend of the Moffitt family confirmed to us that she is in stable but critical condition but 90 percent of her body has been burned.

Friends of the family told the media that the KKK was allegedly involved in the attack, but that has not been confirmed at press time.

UPDATE: Forensic investigators have determined that the original story Sharmeka Moffitt’s gave to police to explain her burned body was completely false. Click here to read the full story.

Terry Shropshire

I'm a lover of words, pictures, people and The Ohio State Buckeyes. A true journalist from the soul.

  • Alkapwn

    It’s been reported by the investigators and victims family that she was not wearing Obama shirt.

    • John Trueblood

      thank god…..makes a huge difference…..Ann Coulter would argue that the perpetrators are crazy, not racist, because in her opinion (which is always fact) racism has not existed since the early 70’s, and her principle basis for her claim is that she doesnt know any racists, so therefore there is no racism.

    • Rob McDonald

      And where is the link for that?

      • Michael Wenger

        UPDATE: DEVELOPING: Authorities say the woman who told police she had been attacked and set on fire in a Winnsboro city park made it all up.

        20-year-old Sharmeka Moffitt remains in critical condition in the Regional Burn Center at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, where she is believed to have undergone surgery Tuesday.

        Winnsboro Police Chief Lester Thomas said Moffitt admitted she set the fire herself and put the racial slurs on her car.

    • A Badtothebone Brewer

      does it really matter?

  • Morri

    It doesn’t matter what she was wearing. I can NOT overstate here: this is what 25
    years of steadily-escalating GOP religio-political hate-mongering has
    REVIVED in the USA.

    GOP politicians (& candidates) in high office have openly
    called for armed revolution, assassination of Obama if he wins again,
    and their contempt for minorities is open and unapologetic


    • Navy One

      Who?!? BTW she was NOT wearing an Obama shirt.

      • Dam Spahn

        How can anyone tell if 90 percent of the body is burned? Did the clothes not burn also? Besides, does that make it OK if she wasn’t, if the KKK just did it for the fun of it, and not as a political act?

        • Angus Young

          dawn she did it to herself! The media ran with the story and I went on record and called Bull crap to the story. It made no sense what so ever.

          • ChrisinOregon

            right, I just read that myself…..sounds like she tried to pull a Tawana Brawley stunt…..and all the Liberals jumped on it like they always do without the facts…

          • Hotirah Baht-Israel


          • ChrisinOregon

            DID you read how she recanted her story? This is what we are discussing. Take a deep breath…..and read the WHOLE Story and update. Who knows what was in her mind and what provoked her to do that. WISE UP…..

          • Breezy

            I agree Hotirah

          • Black Man on a Moon

            umm more times than not issues of racism are true so cut that out, if we want to talk about liars lets discuss the numerous white people who make up stores about black men attacking them to cover up their crimes

          • ChrisinOregon

            Here we go…..WE are not talking about the numerous white people you bring up. WE ARE talking about this particular case and no other case. Can we stick to this case and the facts? Or because this turned out to be a hoax, you feel the need to bring up what you think is a true fact about what others have done? Come on………..

          • Patricia Harvey

            Ok I would like to know how a person who is burned 90 percent of her is even to be able to recant her story?!? She can’t. I remember when my husband was burned just 10 percent the first week he was in so much pain he could barely talk, let alone 90 percent. So I can’t figure out who recanted.let alone tell anyone what happen. The young woman is in our prayers.

          • mbrown_1966

            She was probably threatened if she recanted anything.

        • nobo
        • steve button

          No. It means the ‘KKK’ didn’t murder anyone. But Wall Street Jews did steal trillions of dollars from Americans and completely decimated the lives of millions of black Americans who won’t have jobs, homes food etc.

          But the fake story is a whole lot more exciting, isn’t it?

    • factsobill

      Maybe the New Black Panthers and their antics got this rollin’! We know who the morons are and they are you!

      • A Badtothebone Brewer

        you idiot! how about you redneck raciest bastards looking for trouble!

        • Angus Young

          yeah us white boys are just looking for trouble. Sorry guy! We have jobs and just want to have piece. OOH by the way that black crispy chicken chick did it to her self! I love a Negro that plays the race card all the time!

          • Lavern Merriweather

            Ever heard of Ashley Todd stupid?!! Or the dummy who threw acid in her OWN face then said a black women did it?! Yeah you know what you can do with that ‘race card’ bullshit.

          • steve button

            And you think finding an example or two of delinquent, working class drunks or losers doing something changes the fact that blacks are being led by criminal Jews to blame their problems on “whites”? Too many “blacks” think it’s OK to be racist against “whites” because they get their education from TV…don’t be a sucker! “whites” and “blacks” have exactly the same enemy…making this a ‘black’ against ‘white’ issue is EXACTLY what the criminals responsible for ‘black’ poverty and disenfranchisement want! You can expect some of those people to be on sites like this…spreading their BS…don’t be a sucker.

          • dnice

            You should not call names. Didnt u learn that already? And fyi African Americans have jobs and want peace also. Correct your spelling “white guy”

          • XRockets Tailx

            @facebook-100001936554813:disqus You can’t possibly be a happy person to have so much hatred for a race. What a pathetic life.

      • Kevin Goody

        fucking troll how would you like it if i set you on fire?? would you be talking shit then?

        • GoFishGo

          She did it to herself you fucking dolt.

        • factsobill

          It was a lie , she did this to herself. You, like many of your ilk, made a rush to judgement. As for hypotheticals, you’ be dead with me standing over you,PUNK!

      • baystater

        Yeah, all three of them, you racist POS! Time to get back to porking your sister.

        • factsobill

          Got those Frisco style blues? The real racists are You! Everyone knows that now! Go cry on O’s shoulder and Bray like the POS you and the POTUS are! Liars, Forever bonded by deceit! You need to Forgive yourself for porkiing your Mom!

          • baystater

            Hahaha! Typical uneducated redneck. Can’t even come up with anything original. I hope you and your sister have many more years together.

          • factsobill

            Why don’t you and sara silverman stop having sex with with your dogs?

    • Burt Zerker

      NO HATE CRIME – It was self inflicted – she “hated” herself
      Turns out that she admitted to setting herself on fire,

    • Michael Wenger

      Hey Morri, since she did it to herself, does that make HER a GOP religio-political hate mongerer. Or just a ill kid?

      Signed, a Moron

    • Jakimah

      Lets see a source for that information? Oh wait you’re retarded and made that up.

    • Mary Lamb Pientka

      Morri she lied where did you come up with all the bs against the GOP?????? Wake the freak….

    • Yousuck123

      Wow how stupid do you look when she admitted to doing it to herself.
      Probably pretty stupid.

      Wake up indeed.

      • Sebra Owens

        I guess you feel pretty good finally being right for once…..You seem pretty sucky yourself, by the way!

    • D

      come on. you will believe anything wont you? obama has already been in office for 4 yrs. If that WAS actually true, dont you think it would have happened already.
      And blacks have threatened Romneys life and threatened to riot if Romney was to win. So, I mean, the world is an unfair place. We dont always get what we want no matter how hard we stomp our feet and throw a temper tantrum.

    • steve button

      Buddy…you’re the brainwashed moron. Seriously.

    • Maria

      Sounds like you’re the one spewing out hate, with no facts to support your vicious accusations. Who called for armed revolution and assassination? Let’s have names, dates, places, publications. Same with the “contempt for minorities” – who said what, in what place or publication? If the best you can do is use foul language, lies and slander, you are a big part of the problem, not the solution.
      from an involved citizen who respects persons of every color and religion – even haters like YOU!

  • WhoDatDoug

    I’m from the area that this happened. Just FYI, the KKK’s World Headquarters is located not to far from this place in Converse, LA. It’s scary times for everyone of color (Black, Asian, Latino, etc.). I’m strapped just walking outside to play with my 3 year old.

    • Christian Howell

      Hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to FIREBOMB it for treasonous acts meant to destabilize large majorities of the population…

      Tell your lawyer that hate-mongers…

    • GodLovesUsAll

      IS IT SCARY!

    • nobo
      • Kpeterson

        what crime for being black smh grow up sick ppl

        • Think123

          You people are all so stupid.
          she did it herself and instigated racial tensions. She HERSELF admitted to doing so.
          He’s referring to the “Crime” being committed. she WAS the person doing the lighting, and of course everyone is quick to jump on the white guilt bandwagon.

          • Tiffany Ritchie

            How dare you say that lie you fucking troll! Nobody just Burns themselves like that! Screw you for say that!

          • Mike DeLoach

            dumbass! it is you that is the troll!

          • KuntaKimchi

            She confessed to it though.

          • Reality Bites

            Another dumb-fuck Obama-voter heard from.

          • D

            She DID do it to herself. Its not a lie. She obviously is sick and has problems. Everyone is SO quick to believe everything they read and see.

          • Sebra Owens

            I guess that make you pretty stupid wasting your VERY SMART words on such stupid people. They are giving their opinion on an article that was printed posted and collabarated by the local police. If you don’t like what you’re reading…LEAVE!

          • Deport Sebra

            You fucking moron. You swallowed this lunatic black woman’s story hook line and sinker simply because she’s black and her bullshit story suited your agenda. And then you’ve got the amazing gall to criticize people for pointing out that the monkey lied.

          • dnice

            You seem to be racist calling that woman a monkey like that. Why are you so mad? You act like you’re the kkk & she pointed the [email protected] you.Lol.

          • steve button

            Stupid comment…I call stupid ‘white’ people ‘ monkey’ too…why is he so mad? Maybe because of the way the race card is being used by stupid people to claim victimhood where there isn’t any. It’s very frustrating for good people to see people pushing an immoral agenda for lack of intelligence or understanding…

    • Noel

      Racists are working double time fearing that one day, whites would become extinct in America. Decades from now, the Latinos and minorities would be the majority.

      • steve button

        So Americans -who are mostly white because it was ‘white’ ethnic groups that created America -who won’t accept having their nations changed and ruined by ethnic outsiders are ” racist”?? Really? I see you watch a lot of television

  • Stephen Dedalus

    “Tea Party,” this is what you have wrought.

    • factsobill

      Too stupid for words!

      • Sonya Greene

        Really, LMBO, seriously? You think? YOU, let me say it again, you of all people really? LMBO ok, let me just give you a little human kindness. I believe you are best when you can show concern for others by teaching. With that said, how about just trying to speak in unhurtful words what the facts are, IF YOU KNOW THEM ONLY! That’s my lesson for you for today, one person to another, without hate, being derogatory, using vile words, name calling or as you put it, being STUPID?

        • A Badtothebone Brewer

          how about you shut the hell up and take your head out of your ass! i don’t need to know them personally. a lesson for you would be for you to take your ass over to the area and holla if you make it back!

        • factsobill

          Sonja, perhaps you are unaware of the black on white violence that MSM has not reported this year. Like the attacks on whites at the Wisconsin State Fair, by scores of young blacks attacking whites because they were easily identified. Now with Twitter all aglow with tweets from the black community as to how they want assassinated and are going to riot if things don’t go their way. Sonya, you are Right abut tone. I’m like the Lakers, I write to the level of civility I’m presented with! Your lesson? LMAO!!

    • Stpn2me

      Really? Do you have any evidence of this? Or are you just talking out the side of your behind again?

      • Sonya Greene

        How about offering some valid points instead of offering more ignorance to what you consider ignorance, or is it cause you have nothing valid to add? Just food for thought.

        • Mary Lamb Pientka

          Sonya Greene are you going to clear up your statement? This young woman hurt herself to spread hate and racism….

    • GoFishGo

      The TP caused her to burn herself and claim it was racist? You are a fucking idiot douche bag. Kindly kill yourself.

    • Mary Lamb Pientka

      Stephen Dedalus can we say you jump to conclusions….. and didn’t have all the facts… where and how did the Tea Party get in this besides in your head??? You spread hate and racism..

  • Shinika Larry

    The problem is that people have so little respect for each other and for someone to scratch KKK on her car what else can you call this but a hate crime my God what is this country coming to to think that burning someone over 90% of their body is okay no matter what she was wearing those that make it right in anyone eyes, remember God is the judge of us all and he sees your evil when others refuse to and you will pay according to your crime

    • Sharmane Walker

      I couldn’t have said it any better Shinika Larry.. God sees and knows all. No matter how someone tries to cover up their hatred towards an individual or a group of people their day will come when they will have to answer to God.

    • williamdadon

      Had nothing to do with the “Obama Shirt” in fact she wasn’t even wearing an obama shirt.

    • nobo

      she confessed to doing it to herself, she wanted attention to racial hate crimes.

    • Kenneth Shiflett

      There are no excuses for anything like this unfortunately ,it is not what this country is comiing to ,it is what it has been for such a long long time .It is sad to see that people are so biased whether it be skin color ,gender ,sexual orientation ,religion or whatever .It is such that it has divided us and the result most unfotunately is hate amongst people because they are different .

  • nancy

    My heart goes out to her family. I pray they find and prosecute the shameful person who did this to her. Prayers to her, her family and community.

  • Alex J

    Idk why one would think its ok for this to happen but then again our wotld is full of senseless hate. What can say is that this was not bred by tho GOP but by ignorance. Ronald Reagan was a very outspoken Christian and while in office America prospered and we had many racial and sociological breakthroughs. Why things like this keep getting pinned on christianity i dont know. The Christ i workship and bible i read do not dictate this behavior.

    • A Badtothebone Brewer

      tea party is the new klan

      • Mary Lamb Pientka

        Ignorance at it’s finest…. the woman set herself on fire

  • Richard Sears

    Let me get this correct:. A gang of Republicans running around with a can of gasoline hunting for a black women wearing an Obama tee shirts. Republicans are stupid but I suspect there is more to the story than has been reported.

    • Betel

      She faked it. Did it to herself. Blacks perpetuating racism.

      • swift2

        Wow, Nice come back. Yes, a human is will to set fire to themselves just to call wolf. Your an idiot racist piece of nothing and it disgusts me that you are taking up even one second of our precious oxygen.

        • GoFishGo

          Your (sic) an idiot racist. lol. She did it herself.

          People who tell the truth are racist now? You fucking nitwit.

      • Kevin Goody

        befor i flag your dumbass comment i got one question can you prove that she did it to herself??

        • expel_the_libs
        • Michael Wenger

          Flag ME :
          UPDATE: DEVELOPING: Authorities say the woman who told police she had been attacked and set on fire in a Winnsboro city park made it all up.

          20-year-old Sharmeka Moffitt remains in critical condition in the Regional Burn Center at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, where she is believed to have undergone surgery Tuesday.

          Winnsboro Police Chief Lester Thomas said Moffitt admitted she set the fire herself and put the racial slurs on her car.

        • Mary Lamb Pientka

          google it for yourself

  • Elizabeth Evely

    will Fox kkk news report this i wonder .what is wrong with white christian males they are afraid of blacks woman .the place where these sickos have there main office should be burned to the ground .how long has there families been in the states the white christians go into everybody else country and do the same thing kill destroy others ..its time for good white people go and wipe them out for the sake of the country

    • GoFishGo

      Go to bed grandma. Should we go wipe her out since she did it herself?

    • Mary Lamb Pientka

      Elizabeth what the heck is wrong with you…….. WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES????????? The woman set herself on fire.

  • Billynurse

    I recently moved to Winnsboro from BR. It was horrible what happened to this young woman, and we should all pray for her recovery as well as for justice to be achieved. In point of fact, she was not wearing any Obama clothing. Ms Moffitt was not able to describe anything about her attackers or what they said. Racial slurs were placed on her car. What disturbs me is the explosion of race-baiting and rushing to judgement. Websites such as this one love to stir up racial distrust, disharmony, and just-plain-hatred. Growing up in a predominantly black neighborhood has taught me that there are very good, and very bad people of every background. Also, unfortunately, racism goes both ways. Being TRUTHFUL to ourselves and others will go a long ways to healing the divide.

  • Sonya Greene

    Whether she was or was not wearing an Obama shirt is so not the point. So I would think anyone wanting to try and clearify that point don’t waste you time PLEEEAAASSSEEE, What is the bigger more important issue is that a HUMAN BEING is fighting foir her life after being tortured for just being who GOD made her. That any one would feel they have the right, authority to harm another being, for something so (for lack of a better word) ridiculas. What is broken in you that you feel so much hate? How low is your self esteemm that your mind is able to rationalized this type of violence against another? My heart goes out to this poor woman in her time of need as well as her family, but also my heart and prayers go out to the ones who committed this hayness, bruital, vilolent, crime, that you find forgivness, and change before the seed of hate you plant everyday finds YOU, as it most certainly WILL.

    • GodLovesUsAll


      • Hopeful

        Obama said himself that you Americans are STUPID. You need to follow him, and you have, NOW everybody is in real trouble!!! As far as this stupid story goes, You are only putting yourself in danger, and the ones that believe this stuff. May GOD Bless, You are right, GOD loves us ALL

        • skip mylou

          If that is true he said “A.m.e.r.i.c.a.n.s” not african americans. If i believed it or not no worry of being in danger over here. Even if he does love you he’ll still deal with you accordingly.

    • Burt Zerker

      Sonya,..NO HATE CRIME – It was self inflicted – she “hated” herself

      • Gene in L.A.

        What the hell are you talking about?

        • Thad Petit

          police are saying she did it to herself, found a lighter and fluid with her prints in the park.

          • Jo2Times

            This is the evidence that she did it herself? It is possible that someone could have placed that in her car.


          This is what happens when dumb fucks (80% of America) jump to racial conclusions.

          Holy shit are you people this naive?
          Nobody saw the KKK, it was just herself.
          but you all believe her based on the colour of her skin and White guilt.

          • Sebra Owens

            Shut up Airhead! hey believed her basedon the story printed as truth….People like you are disgusting! SO what she lied. People lie everyday. So are you saying people should never believe these kinds of stories because white people NEVER do these kinds of things. Get over yourself. You’re THE MOST PATHETIC OF ALL!

          • Lavern Merriweather

            I guess he has never heard of Ashley Todd

    • HakimAl

      The point is that people are trying to put a political twist on the story to get people to vote. To anyone who decided to vote or changed their vote after reading this story: You are retarded.

    • nobo
      • Steve Bartkowski

        Fuck you! Even if you’re a Republican, most Republicans have enough class not to condone this terrible a crime. I have no doubt that most Republicans and Democrats both want to see whoever did this getting the death penalty.

        • Wacky Canuck

          Ah, emotion.

          Nobo is referring to the fact that she made this all up, inflicted these injuries upon herself and even provided a link for you explaining this. Of course when you buy into that left/right two party paradigm, who can blame you for being unable to think rationally.

          • BeastlyRip

            I see no issue with framing the kkk.

        • UnkleRaw

          Too bad steve. It never happened.

    • g

      Sonya… You’re spelling and grammar is just “ridiculas”.

      • vhblocker


      • Sebra Owens

        Try learning a little grammer & spellinig yourself, before jumping in…

        • revelated

          Does anyone else see the irony of this WHOLE string?

          • Linda Smith

            Yes, I do and it is hilarious! I have never seen so many unintentional misspellings on a string. I will not even comment on the numerous grammatical errors and obvious typos. This string reiterates why failing to proofread and spellcheck ideas negatively distracts from a legitimate point of view.

      • madamemoose

        actually, if you want to get nitpicky, i think the phrase is: YOUR spelling and grammar ARE ridiculous.

    • D

      she did it to HERSELF. This is all BS

      • Ṅever Ṫøo Ḣigh

        Even if they say she did it to her self, Most likely if your around these types of people with the white robes they would do something like that to someone any way.

  • Austin Ray Walter

    This has nothing to do with political beliefs. Hatred is a form of ignorance, and that’s a character flaw. Not a political flaw.

    • Jim

      Then we have a lot of seriously flaw Republicans, most of them refer to themselves as “Tea Party” members.

      • Mary Lamb Pientka

        Jim?????? what the heck…. Republicans????? Tea Party…. She did it to herself can we say you are racist ?

    • Michael Wenger

      Doesn’t look much like hatred either, now, huh?

    • nobo


  • cecil91

    Yeah right. ANYBODY can claim it was the KKK, an organization that has been defunct for decades

    • TheRufus70

      Um. Know nothing about this incident except what’s contained in this post, but I know for certain the KKK isn’t defunct, bub. I’ve seen the robes.

    • A Badtothebone Brewer

      not defunct son! google hate crimes! most kkk are now government officials.

  • Bluesyinohio

    Whoever did this is the lowest of the low. Attacking a woman who isn’t doing anything other than being Black and wearing a T-shirt shows that they have the no intellect…only testosterone.
    I pray that the NO authorities. follow this up and nail them to the cross they seem to idolize.

    • hurr

      Why would N.O. authorities do anything? They’re 230 miles away.

  • Cause2Rebel

    we talk about fear and prayer ..when we should be talking about Anger and War…I’m not afraid …I have no fear…because an episode like this …is why we should rise and ready ourselves for war …Black Men fight and die to protect a Nation that still doesn’t Protect us…I am not in the Market of killing and maiming innocent people nor am I advocating the killing of Innocent people …But measured and calculated against Identified and verified members of white Hate groups …we will assemble an Army of like minds from every Kind and eradicate you for attacking innocent women ,men ,and children….Now I know that some of you are saying ..he wants a race war…not at all …I want a army with like minds ..who believe in Liberty and Justice for all ..not just some…so no matter what you check on your applications …if you believe in justice…now is your time to show it!!

    • Jim

      Not sure how vigilantism is justice, but if you’re determined to built your army you need to take it to the city streets were gang bangers are killing people daily. These communities are what the military would call target rich environments, lots of gang bangers deserving of justice.

      • Cause2Rebel

        Yeah …They can go as well ..Maybe I’ll recruit them as infantry…yeah they’ll be my foot soldiers …It’ll be Dumbass Vs Dumbass

  • Rachel Thomas

    This is absolutely disgusting! I didn’t know the KKK still existed: Anyone who belongs to an evil organisation like this should be locked up to keep the public safe.

    • A Badtothebone Brewer

      sweet innocent Rachel, the kkk are alive and well! they no longer wear sheets, they now wear suits and are running for, and currently serving in office! where have you people been? does “tea party” ring a bell!?

      • Mary Lamb Pientka

        A Badtothebone Brewer how dare you…… the tea party???? Are you going to man up and tell the truth? This young woman did this herself…

  • Kw

    People need to get their facts straight before slinging out some story. She was not harmed because an Obama shirt. It was confirmed by her mother she was not wearing an Obama shirt! She was hurt because of some sick people. This community is in enough turmoil already, so before all of these stories have people believing untrue facts and making things worse for this community, people who write these articles need to wait and listen to the proper authorities before making some terrible story.

  • Dylan Nelson

    is this serious, surely this is bullshit !! This is one of the most disgusting things i have ever read !

  • Christian Howell

    Little biznitches.. And I search for these skinheads and crap… Don’t you want a real fight…? Oh yeah you like abuse people weaker than you…

    Did I say they wee cowards…? Come to LA Mr White Hood… You won’t have to worry about return fare…

  • Tommy Peterson

    Idiotic extremism with Religion is destroying Humanity.

    • GoFishGo

      Tommy, the dumb sheep.

  • Rich Bianchi

    We have a clear racial divide in this country and the blacks are keeping it hot. I hear white people called “Crackahs, Honkies, white N-words” by black people ALL THE TIME. They keep saying Mitt Romney is every white racial slur in the book. You really expect that one race is going to take all of this abuse without a hate group getting empowered? Of course the KKK will be on the rise as will the skin heads if we keep this racism up and that’s why I have for YEARS tried to get people to stop being racist but every time I confront black people I know, it is somehow all my fault because I am white.

    No, I am sorry but if this racial tension increases then both sides are going to get much more violent and I think we really need to start treating each other with respect on both sides. White people have been trying to be peaceful my whole lifetime, it is time for blacks to do the same.

    As for this event, I am sorry to hear an innocent woman got caught into this mess even if she was likely being racist and voting for the President strictly because of his skin color or the fact that his policies are in line with the African American community rather than everyone at large. I would think differently but there is too much evidence showing that he is being voted for based on race by the African American community and that’s pathetic and racist.

    Kinda sad what America has come to, just a couple years ago black panthers were threatening old people as they went to vote. George Zimmerman might as well have been lynched without even standing trial, including by the President.

    Let’s not group all minorities okay, there is tension between whites and blacks and it needs to stop. We need to really learn to get along, no bs and no sneaky tactics to make it look like we are but one race has an advantage. We are all humans, period, nothing more or less.. that’s our real race.

    • Lavern Merriweather

      You are stupid as all get out!! And for your info DUMBASS the KKK has been around for over 100 years! So YOU started it stupid! And who exactly were black people trying to ‘benefit’ when they voted for Clinton or Gore or Kerry was that about race too stupid?!! And what there are just NO white people who would vote against Obama because of color even those screaming the n-word at THREE diffrent Sarh Palin rallies you are stuck on stupid and proud of it!

  • ABlackGuy

    this sucks..but the if shit like this is happening you better believe members of the sheriffs dept. are KKK affiliated

    • GodLovesUsAll

      YEPP! GOD BLESS HER!!!!!!!!!!!! AHES IN MY PRAYERSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mary Lamb Pientka

      ABlackGuy you are a racist…. this young woman set herself on fire… geeze the sheriff’s department are KKK affilated???????

  • Sara Peterie Livermore

    Sad story…but I read a bunch of news stories on this, and I’ve seen no mention of an Obama t-shirt. If you can’t link to something that corroborates this, I have to assume that you’re adding that flourish yourself, which is really *really* sad.

  • tamara

    If you want to send well wishes go here:

  • BeReal

    BREAKING NEWS!!! New report…check your facts!! She did this to herself!! There are lots of hateful people in this world but it makes me FURIOUS when blacks do shit like this & blame it on racist white people. SHE is the one causing others to lash out at Innocent people. Not the first time this has happened (ie: NJ girl faked abduction, blamed it on KKK)

    • swift2

      post the link please

    • GetOverYourself

      so im assumng we brought those 400 years of slavery, and the decades of racial prejudice and injustice we faced in this country on ourselves too? The same violence and prejudice that we still face to this day!!! (i.e. County Sheriff candidate house vandalized by the KKK)

    • Kevin Goody

      can you prove it or did you pull that theory out of your ass?

  • Jack

    Study your history, look up the word lynching, the KKK also killed over a 1000 white people and they did it because they were Republicans. Republicans were the first to help black people to vote through registration. Ask Condelisa Rice about how the democrats would not regester her parents so they could vote. I am a republican and I do not like being associated with the KKK.

    • Kevin Goody

      well maybe of you guys would stop being so goddamn racist we will stop calling you racist

      • GoFishGo

        This girl who was burned is a racist. Do you fucking libtards not see that? Or is your hypocrisy that thick. Fucking cowards.

  • GodLovesUsAll

    this is Pathetic! as a young black male! to seee this makes my heart! who would do such a thing? Do they not have any respect for others!? thats simple stuff that u learn in KINDERGARED! GOD BLESS HER HER FAMILY AND ANYONE THAT KNOW HER! shes now in heven……………………safe with god! AND ALL OF YOU WHO ARE TALKING BAD AND HATE FIND SOMETHING!!!!!!!! TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael Wenger

      Uh, she’s not dead and in answer to your question, sadly, it appears, unless there is a huge DNA cover up and she was beaten to confess, that she did it.

  • GodLovesUsAll


  • GodLovesUsAll

    STOP THE HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GodLovesUsAll


  • Matt Sweeney

    The police are now saying it’s a false claim–they allegedly found her fingerprints on the lighter and the gas can.

    • GoFishGo

      Just like a dumb racist nagger. She wanted obama elected so bad she thought she could create the perfect crime.

      And all the libtards fell for it.

  • GodLovesUsAll

    GOD BLESS HER!!!!!!!!!!!! AHES IN MY PRAYERSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GodLovesUsAll


  • anonymous

    This has all turned out to be mis-directed. The investigation has been concluded and the evidence has shown that this was self inflicted. The local law officials, state police and FBI have concluded that her fingerprints were found on a lighter and bottle of lighter fluid in nearby woods along the park trail. DNA evidence concluded that a woman had defaced the car 9with toothpaste). Now pray for the young woman to heal physically, emotionally and mentally. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves for the hate spewed before facts have been proven.

  • Chantal Willis

    I dont understand why people do such hateful and harmful things. Let me make one thing clear: black people in the US are NOT going anywhere any time soon. It is because of YOUR ancestors, white American, that we are even in this country. Your blood is the same color as ours, and most of you claim to praise the same God that we do. Guess what, when you die, we are gonna be in either heaven or HELL with you. Are you gonna reject your invitation to heaven because you see black people there? I bet there are some of you ignorant enough to say yes. We are all people and no race is better than the other. Most of you probably have some slave blood in your veins because the “masters” had sex with the slaves. You cant deny that FACT because we all know that it’s true. It really makes no sense for you all to think that you are superior to anyone. But I am not the one you will have to answer to. Just know that one day you will be judged and eternally punished for your actions. I just pray that God has mercy on your souls.

  • Paris Simpson

    Just read a news paper article that made my blood boil.! I can’t believe these racist ass ppl are still out here committing hate crimes. It infuriates me! & all black ppl ever want to do about it is “pray”.Don’t get me wrong, I believe in God’s power but faith without work is DEAD. It’s time for someone to take action! I’m surround by racist white ppl everyday & you don’t see me killing them & calling them RED NECKS! This racist action has gone on far too long! It makes me almost urge for us to go back the eye for an eye biblical context. They take one of our, we kill five of theirs! My mind set & anger is raging toward civil rights attitude. We need to bring back the fight in American people to DEMAND our rights. Accept nothing less than free treated and threathen if not KILL those who try to debribe us of those rights! Im thinking El’Hajj Malik El Shabazz standards. I’m thinking Old Testament! Tired of being on the side of the praying victim & I’m ready to take action! THIS RIDCULOUS AND SENSELESS CRIME HAS GONE FAR TOO LONG!!!!

    • Mary Lamb Pientka

      Paris Simpson you make my blood boil…. she did this to herself…. google it learn the truth before you spew racism and hatred.

  • Virginia

    You spelled it out very well Sonya – thank you – hatred just refuses to go away in this country

  • thoume

    already a confirmed hoax. she lied and she’s the one who set herself on fire. ahhh silly sheep, there you go flocking to other idiots

  • Tatermommy

    And her fingerprints were on the lighter and the gas can. Looks like she may have set herself ablaze to “raise awareness” of racism.

  • Burt Zerker
    • nobo

      actually she did get burned, both ways literally and evidence against her to point out her lie of racial hate crime.

  • Burt Zerker

    “20-year-old Sharmeka Moffitt remains in critical condition in the Regional Burn Center at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, where she is believed to have undergone surgery Tuesday.
    Winnsboro Police Chief Lester Thomas said Moffitt admitted she set the fire herself and put the racial slurs on her car.
    Evidence at the scene confirmed what Moffitt told police. The State Police Crime Lab found her fingerprints on a lighter found at the scene.
    When Chief Thomas was asked about a motive, he said that remains unknown.”
    “White Hoodies” ? nah,…………..

  • FactSeeker

    I just looked at the online version of the local paper, The Franklin Sun, and it seems this woman inflicted the burns on herself and it was just reported today. And hopefully, this will stop the inflammatory headlines regarding this story.

  • Jay Michaels

    This is an outrage and an atrocity so it doesn’t help when people mix that up with LIES. This is not a reliable news article, the girl was not wearing an Obama T-shirt according to her own mother. People need to check facts and stop believing everything we read. Neither the Right OR the Left is telling the WHOLE truth anymore. We don’t even know if the men were ACTUALLY Klan members or if they were Black men in costumes. This is a good example of how the internet “news” is screwing us up. Amazing what people will do to get other’s riled up politically.

  • Nancy Langenwalter


  • Sammy

    is outrageous and tragic that this poor girl was burned. This article
    is irresponsible though. According to her mother she was not wearing an
    Obama T-shirt, so who put that into the story, and why? And where did
    this picture come from? It has nothing to do with the story and appears
    to be used to spark emotion. The police don’t yet know who the men were –
    if they were actually Klan members or men in costumes who had other
    motive. In the interview I saw there was speculation that they may not
    have even been white.This article also mentions racist attacks against
    Obama which makes it appear to be politically motivated, considering she
    wasn’t actually wearing an Obama T-shirt. I don’t think it helps to lie
    in a story like this, it only detracts from the horrific nature of what
    actually happened to her.

  • christina

    Why not cover all of the violence blacks commit against whites EVERY DAY, as widely accepted and condoned behavior in their racially dominant communities?

    • Gary F McLoughlin

      If this happened against a white person, you wouldn’t even have read about it. All that kind of news has to be suppressed, you know. Just as the attack on our embassy in Benghazi had to be hushed up… until the cables were released proving Obama’s lies, and those of the entire Democrat party. Birds of a feather…

  • Sammy

    It is outrageous and tragic that this poor girl was burned. This article is very irresponsible though. According to her mother she was not wearing an Obama T-shirt, so who put that into the story, and why? And where did this picture come from? It has no relationship to the story and appears to be used to spark emotion. The police don’t yet know who the men were –
    if they were actually Klan members or men in costumes who had other motive. In the interview I saw there was speculation that they may not have even been white. The article also mentions ‘racist attacks against Obama’ which makes it appear to be politically motivated, considering she wasn’t actually wearing an Obama T-shirt. I don’t think it helps to lie in a story like this, it only detracts from the horrific nature of what actually happened to to this poor girl. In this age of Internet “News” always check your sources,and know when you are being manipulated. The Left lies ALMOST as much as the Right now, and too few are telling the WHOLE truth.

    • GoFishGo

      The truth matters not.

    • Mary Lamb Pientka

      How about you Christina…. she lied…. it wasn’t the right or the left… you blaming this on racism is just as horrific as her being burnt

    • Gary F McLoughlin

      Oh, that is rich. “The left lies ALMOST as much as the right…” Barack Obama himself PERSONALLY lies more than the entire Republican party, but that’s okay… You mindless plantation Democrats will never learn that you are being used like poker chips, generation after generation.

  • Champion

    I don’t care about the Obama shirt this is a racial motivate assault that is my biggest problem Republicans, Tea Party Members, or anyone who has hatred period and intentions to supress us needs to leave us the fuck alone point blank period if they don’t have anything to say don’t say or do anything at all.

    • Mary Lamb Pientka

      Ok Champion…. recant…. she lied…. why did you and many other JUMP to the CONCLUSION this was RACIST?????? No wonder our world has so many problems.

    • Gary F McLoughlin

      You are a champion idiot.

      • Champion

        No I’m not, wrong is wrong period, a woman in 2008 injured herself and claimed an Obama supporter did this to her, I’m not an idiot, I tend to remember shit racially motivated it doesn’t matter if it’s political or not it’s wrong John Sununu gave you up, he admitted and I quote “I think when you have somebody of your own race that you’re proud of being president of the United States, I applaud Colin for standing with him.” unquote it’s never about race it’s about right and wrong.

        • Gary F McLoughlin

          I’m going to try to explain it so even YOU can understand it. A black woman chose to immolate herself. Is that a RACIST act, because it happened to a black woman? NO! All that nonsense you are babbling has nothing to do with the story! But as long as I’m at it, let me point out that Obama is Marxist idiot, Colin Powell is a socialist liberal idiot, and I repeat, you are a champion idiot!

  • Tired of Stupid people

    This didn’t happen. This is race – baiting posted by a hate group. If this had happen it would be on every news station in the world.

    • Mary Lamb Pientka

      This did happen but she did it to herself…. but yes it is and was race baiting

  • nobo

    Go to this site this report is false she committed this to herself.

    • nobo

      None of her story was true. She basically did this for attention. Local law enforcement even found her fingerprints on the lighter, just another false claim of racial hate crime to the worst. We need control more than jumping to conclusions the way most of the comments on here prove.

  • WhodatMoham

    I am also from this area… Don’t let WhoDatDoug fool you, it’s not scary here. Also there is no mention of an “Obama Shirt” in any local news sources. Stop putting a political twist on this. It was not a politically motivated crime. This is an act of racism no doubt, but not an act of Obama hatred. BTW racism exists on both sides of the spectrum.

  • Kolenekeo

    Are they even investigating those suspected domestic terrorist? This is a hate crime and, stemming from Obama being the first African-American President … perhaps get an investigative team together and hunt these moron’s down and, serve them the same purpose ….. as they did to this woman.

    • nobo
    • Mary Lamb Pientka

      Kolenekeo did you research this????? domestic terrorist???? the only hate crime here is all the folks spewing racism and hatred….. SHE SET HERSELF ON FIRE

    • Gary F McLoughlin

      It seems that your expert judgment of the motive behind this non-crime was somewhat ahead of the facts, wouldn’t you say? “Kolenekeo?”

  • Angus Young

    Just so every one knows. The woman did it to her Self. There was NO KKK involvement. Only a woman that wanted to stir up racial tensions! Way to update

  • Mary Lamb Pientka

    Wonder if this rag is going to tell the truth… that this young woman did this to herself… not the KKK or 3 racist white men….

  • South Hill

    Hey racist black people. She lied! Insurance scam….google it

  • Jay Michaels


  • boricua_pride

    It was just released that this was a hoax. This pathetic girl stopped so low to burn herself just to get attention or some kind of hate. Damn shame.

  • REALLY???

    Winnsboro Police Chief Lester Thomas said Tuesday afternoon that authorities linked Moffitt’s fingerprints to a lighter and a bottle of lighter fluid found at the scene.
    “The investigation (of) Ms Moffitt has revealed that this was not an attack but a self-inflicted incident that happened to her,” said Chief Thomas.

    When Chief Thomas was asked about a motive, he said that remains unknown.
    The State Police will turn their evidence over the Franklin Parish District Attorney’s office, who would be the one to file charges in the case.
    Many Winnsboro residents came to hear what Chief Thomas had to say, and were visibly upset when they learned what police had discovered.
    Moffitt’s family released a statement shortly after the news conference ended.
    “Our family is devastated to learn the circumstances surrounding our daughter’s injuries. While this was not the resolution we had expected, it is a resolution, and we appreciate the thorough investigation by the local and state police as well as federal agencies.
    We are sincerely sorry for any problems this may have caused and wish to express our appreciation for the outpouring of love, prayers and support we have received from friends, acquaintances, church organizations and government officials.
    Over the coming days and weeks, our focus will be on Sharmeka and her recovery.”

  • Carolyn G

    Hey are you going to update your article to let everyone know this was fake

  • Illuminated

    Their trying to cover it up she couldn’t have did that her slef they made it look like she did it but only god and her truly know GOD BLESS HER AND THE FAMILY MY PRAYERS ARE WITH THEM

    • Mary Lamb Pientka

      Illuminated cover up????? geeze your not very Illuminated

    • Gary F McLoughlin

      What you should be praying for is to complete grammar school some day.

  • Raaj…………

    Hey friends………… Don’t worry this has been done by the Taliban…….. lolzz

  • Tonja

    i didnt know that KKK existed anymore! there is no room for raial come people she was an innocent woman

    • Gary F McLoughlin

      Very eloquent and well-expressed opinion, Tonja.

  • Joe

    Really sad story. When I first read this I was ashamed! Now that the police has stated the evidence points to her setting herself on fire, I am sad. Besides the negative effects on race relations, and i am sure I will get my fair share of detractors and folks saying “What do you know”. I can’t help but see a sick woman, how do you set yourself on fire? Let alone try and blame it on someone else. I hope she gets the help and support she needs.

  • Concerned
  • SecretCommie


  • simply odd


  • Saved by Jesus

    My prayer is that God will have mercy on the sad, lost, and sick soul who did this. The truth is that “GOD WILL SEPERATE THE RIGHT FROM THE WRONG.” And what’s even worse; is that everyone has to reap what they sow and sometimes our children and loved ones have to suffer for our actions.So, can the individuals who performed this act handle it if the same thing happened to thier daughter, grandaughter, niece, wife, mother……. God said that everything HE created was good. So she did not deserve this. So to the young lady who survived this hate crime; God will pay back those who did this. I pray for her speedy recovery.

    • Gary F McLoughlin

      Thus the gene pool is cleansed, bit by bit.

  • David Scanlon

    whats more racist a black woman who blames white people for a crime they didnt commit or 95% of black people voting for obama

  • nick

    get the full facts before you publish an article next time?

  • Darryn James

    lol, funny stuff.

  • Baine Sumpin

    The real problem, is when people update stories with the truth, they do it at the bottom in little tiny print, compared to the bold headline declaring the lie.

  • Gary F McLoughlin

    Who is “Terry Shropshire?” Why did this person perpetrate such an obvious hoax? Why was this particular photograph printed (as if I didn’t know)? Why has this web page not been taken down, since it is “completely false?” Seems to me there is nothing the Obama campaign won’t do to try to stay in control of their criminal empire!

  • Houdini

    It is a shame that she did this to herself and it makes you wonder why. There is real racism going on and when u have someone crying wolf it hurts the ones that are really going thru a racist situation. I guess we will have to see what more comes out but it seems she planned it if she wrote kkk and the N word on her car before hand. I don’t thin racism is evergoing to end but some people make it worse which is what she did. I have friendss who have actually dealt with racism and they are not happy about this woman faking it when its a serious issue.

  • N!CKYR33-N-POP$

    If she did do this to herself she is sick and need to be evaluated for mental help.

  • buckwheat

    she did it to herself for fvvuck sakes,just another mental obama voter,america is toast with bombo running the country straight into a 3rd world nation,vote for obama and starve,your welfare is gonna run out,and mooochele is on a spending spree with whats left.maybe its time america completely fell apart?

  • Noel

    Those culprits might not even be KKK. They might just be Romney supporters.

  • Noel

    Why the White Supremacists support Romney is understandable. The Mormon Church is a racist church. Check the Mormon history and it would tell you that many members of KKK were the pioneers of the church.

  • Michael Schmidt

    who gives a flying fuck what her shirt says or whatever…… fuck that bogus ass shit

  • jcc4me

    All I have to say is the young lady needs some serious counseling.

  • cepillo1101

    I don’t know what person in his/her right mind would try to burn themself. I sure as hell wouldn’t do it. There are much easier ways to kill yourself, like shooting yourself. It seems to me that the more logical thought would be that most likely, someone did this to her.

  • Paul Kwiatkowski Kasper

    what a joke…. so obama’s voters have blood on their hands for all of the dead blacks in the middle east because obama has broken his initial promises … how is this relevant? eye for an eye will continue until real men with hearts replace the demon puppets currently pulling the levers

  • Hussain Al

    you’ll never see KKK’s attack a group of people, they always go after one person that’s alone. bunch of bitches!!

    • DelPasso

      Same with black people, funnily enough.

  • Bryant Living-True Glover

    I guess my only questions is who wrote the kkk on her car? I mean logically she didn’t do it after she was burned and unless she is just straight up crazy I can’t imagine she would plan all this for a lil attention. I mean I don’t know one person who would burn themselves to later say they burned themselves for the giggles of a story and some prayer. I mean that’s just my thoughts on it

  • Guest

    i cant believe they have these white low lifes that are still wearing these robes and committing crimes

  • Ṅever Ṫøo Ḣigh

    i cant believe they have these white low lifes that are still wearing these robes and committing crimes they should take them 1 by one like they do in mexico and tie them up in a tree and burn them one by one. sick bastards

  • UnkleRaw

    Police have found that she was lying about the whole story. Just like Tawana Brawley and the Duke Lacrosse stripper. Big surprise.

  • terrorpilot

    im glad she was black and not white

  • ChrisinOregon

    It is now being written that this young lady set herself on fire and had spray painted her car herself….Sounds a little like the Tawana Brawley case, doesn’t it?

  • steve button

    That story is a load of BS….typical jewish owned/controlled media garbage to blame Jewish crimes against the black community on “whites”..they do it all the time…hard to know if blacks really swallow this stuff..but I imagine there’s a few that do…

  • blow me

    What a load of lying, liberal, power hungry bullshit!!!

  • Phil me Cracken

    ” it has not been confirmed ” but of course you people w

  • Juanita Carter

    So if she wasn’t wearing an Obama shirt does that make her less dead or less burned?

  • Tisee

    She was definitely attacked. This is a racial crime, whether she had a shirt on or not. More on that here as well:

  • hurtbeyondbelief

    is this planted or is there something wrong with this story..she was scared to tell the truth..lord knows i would be..i have a egyptian muslim at my job who asked me ,,if any one has ever poured gasoline on me and lit me on fire…..crazy fn people…i ended up calling amnesty international because he was vicious when he said it….

  • Matt

    More fake hate crimes. Not surprised. I also like how the “click here” link brings you right back to the same story. Maybe the article they meant to post says something to the effect of: “Sorry about our knee-jerk assumptions based on the flimsy testimony of one person and no supporting facts.”