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Black Republican uses AR-15 rifle in campaign ad, incites debate (video)

Former NFL star Jerone Davison claims he needs the AR-15 to fend off KKK members posing as Democrats
Black Republican uses AR-15 rifle in campaign ad, incites debate (video)
Congressional candidate Jerone Davison (Image source: YouTube/The Front Stoop: Hip Hop, Society, and Life)

A former NFL player who is now running for Congress in Arizona has published a campaign ad on social media about needing an AR-15 to fend off the Ku Klux Klan in the Democratic Party, inciting both nationwide support and vitriol.

Jerone Davison, a Republican, produced a commercial titled “Make Rifles Great Again” that shows him ready to shoot Democrats who are portrayed as the KKK. 

The video, which has garnered nearly four million views since July 6, shows Davison sitting at the kitchen table drinking a beverage from his red, white and blue coffee cup. He has a stern look on his face when he begins speaking: 

“Democrats like to say that we don’t need AR-15 for self-defense,” his voice-over begins. “But when this rifle is the only thing standing between your family and a dozen angry Democrats in Klan hoods, you just might need that semiautomatic.”

Davison is promulgating the false theory that Democrats started the White supremacist organization during the dawn of Reconstruction following the Civil War. The Associated Press, USA Today and PolitiFact have all debunked that erroneous belief emphatically in recent years. They stated accurately that the KKK was founded by ex-Confederate soldiers who did not have a political affiliation. At that time, KKK members were attracted to the Democratic Party which was virulently anti-Black and anti-civil rights during that time period. 

Austin Steinbart, however, told the Phoenix New Times that “we like to draw attention to the fact that the KKK was started by Democrats and is run by Democrats,” 

Steinbart is described in the newspaper as “a.k.a. BabyQ, a QAnon influencer who claims to be from the future” and in 2020 “was arrested on suspicion of using a synthetic, urine-filled penis to dodge drug tests.”

Meanwhile, the reaction around the country has been intense on both sides of the philosophical aisle.

“I’ve always known him as pastor JD I used to follow him on YouTube and then he just disappeared out of nowhere,” said a commentor on YouTube. “And now he comes out with the best campaign ad I’ve ever seen. The dude is awesome.”

“I really love this ad. I saw it on one bcp’s Greg foreman video. I’m also glad to see slowly more men with balls rise above hate, and a future fearless soldier of Jason Whitlock,” said another person.

While another person added: “YES!!! This is brilliantly epic!! Get this guy in Congress now!

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