“I want to put a ding in the universe.” –Steve Jobs

This simple expression of hope pronounced by one of the most brilliant inventors of our time, Steve Jobs, the late co-founder and CEO of Apple, is about believing that you can fulfill your wildest dreams and leave an indelible mark. Here’s a quick tale about this writer’s journey to fulfillment.

When I was a pre-teen, I’d get excited when my Uncle Larry would come into town and take me for a ride on the back of his hog. It had been my dream to learn to ride a motorcycle. When I discovered makeup and dresses, the dream deferred for more than 20 years. It wasn’t until I learned about the Motorcycle Safety Foundation-approved Harley-Davidson’s Rider’s Edge New Rider course that my dream reappeared. I decided it was time to sign up and I enrolled in the course at the Best Little Harley House in Georgia, also known as Harley-Davidson of Clayton County in Morrow, Ga. I must admit it was a rigorous training, but well worth it.

Under the guidance of instructor, (kudos to Bob Elliot), I learned about safety, which is first and foremost, and the ever important fundamentals of riding. Safety is not just about slow speed. The first commitment is to always wear protective gear that includes long sleeves, boots that cover your ankles and a Department of Transportation-approved helmet at the very least.

We trained on a Buell Blast, which is entry-level bike, for two days learning how to inspect your bike, do a Figure 8, proper leaning while turning, braking and how to get out of sticky situations. Not only did I pass the written and riding test with flying colors and now am the proud bearer of the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles issued motorcycle license, I had a great time with my classmates who shared their plans to travel adventurous routes across America.

Take out your cameras. I was awarded the fun certificate that reads: “Picture-Perfect Riding Posture.” It’s confirmation that the fire engine red Heritage Softtail Classic with black leather saddlebags in my dreams will come to fruition after a few more nights of sleep.

Here are some two-wheeling celebrities who share my riding passion and also enjoy the thrill of the throttle. –yvette caslin

Yvette Caslin

I'm a writer, image architect & significance marketer. Love photojournalism, creative expression & originality.