Baby got back and then some. Not sure why men go so crazy over women with those “donkey booties” and “junk in the trunk.” The fascination is a hilarious reaction to witness.

Latina bombshell, Kathy Ferreiro, is famous for being eye candy and of course, she lists her occupation as you’ll never guess … a model. Real or fake, augmentations via of butt injections or butt implants, the big derrieres make men salivate.

Check out these video and web vixens with big butts who are famous for being women with the biggest butts. –yvette caslin

Yvette Caslin

I'm a writer, image architect & significance marketer. Love photojournalism, creative expression & originality.

  • CAnt have sum brown sugga, wit’out a bigga ass! ANy nigga lady wit’ a small ass is none but an oreo. DOnt mind givin’ it to a honkey bia’tch as long as shes gots a two car caboose. ROeanne Barr or KIrstie Alley befo’ Dancin’ wi’t da mutha [email protected]#ka stars was prime Caper booty.
    Main man CHris Rock usta say “nigga dont use da back do’ to deliva milk, he d’ere ta sink da pink!” DAMN UPS truck, run ova CHris right in da middle of a joke! CHilluns all ova da world,sad ’cause no mo’ EVerbody Hate CHris show. Was havin’ tea with Herve Vellechez last week. DAmn midget hung like a brotha.