New England Patriot Wes Welker’s wife disses Ray Lewis on Facebook

Wes Welker needs to rescind his wife’s Facebook’s privileges. We hope the star wide receiver for the New England Patriots had no idea that his wife, Anna Burns Welker, would go on a personal attack against Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker Ray Lewis. She called attention to his family life and criminal history, following the Patriots’ 28-13 defeat by the Ravens.

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Yvette Caslin
Yvette Caslin

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  1. Oh yes she did mean to be “mean”, she’s a liar, and a sore loser, and she meant to diss that man that’s why she said what she said, please ! I can’t stand people like her with their fake phony apologies.

  2. Just came across this. Finally found someone else that shares the same opinion as I do about this p o s. You can take the the thug out of the hood, but he’s still a thug. This p o s should be rotting in jail. Not only is he a murderer, he’s a disloyal individual with no integrity. A thug with money is a dangerous thing.

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