‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones’ star Jim Jones arrested


Rapper and reality show star Jim Jones  was arrested Wednesday in front of his Fair Lawn, N.J., home after he allegedly “got out of line” with an officer who was responding to a traffic-related complaint not involving Jones.

Jones and Chrissy Lampkins spotted an officer near their home. The officer, who was investigating two illegally parked vehicles, was approached and questioned by Jones.  Sgt. James Corcoran, who was shocked by Jim Jones’ request, decided to run his name through the police database.

Once Jones’ information returned, Sgt. Corcoran reviewed the data and discovered that there were two outstanding arrest warrants for the 36-year-old performer. One of the warrants stemmed from a motor vehicle-related incident and the other was for failing to remove snow from his sidewalk.

When Sgt. Corcoran asked Jones to accompany him to police headquarters to settle the warrants, the rapper allegedly refused and became hostile. Due to Jones being uncooperative, the officer cuffed him and took him into custody for disorderly conduct and obstruction.

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